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Life Lately.


I recently attended the BlogHer Food conference in Austin, Texas. It was a complete blast! I ate ice cream sandwiches the size of face, listened to established bloggers speak, met Joy the Baker (my baking inspiration), and so many talented women who love food just as much as I do.

Here we are with Ree, also know as The Pioneer Woman. I also had the opportunity to meet her amazing sister Betsy, who runs Tasty Kitchen. Both were sweet and full of smiles.


I roomed with Christy from The Girl Who Ate Everything, Carrian from Oh Sweet Basil, and Kristy from Sweet Treats and More. I cannot tell you how much fun we had staying up late, laughing, and eating way too many Udi’s Snickerdoodles cookies (GO BUY THEM).

I already miss them terribly so please make sure you check out their fantastic food blogs!


Here’s a salad I devoured in Austin. Along with a basket of chips (not pictured).


I got to meet up with a few more of my favorites: Ali from Gimme Some Oven and Lauren from Climbing Grier Mountain. Love those girls.


After the trip, I kept thinking about how blessed I am. To be doing what I love, and to meet others who encourage and inspire me.

Other than that, here’s what else I’ve been up to:


Yoga. LOTS and LOTS of yoga. It keeps me sane.


An incredible dinner.


I’m in LOVE with Stitch Fix. You absolutely need to try it!


OH BABY. Fruit covered in dark chocolate. Antioxidants FTW.


Sometimes I shop for things besides clothes. Brand new Mazda 6!


Just wait until you see the salad I made you. It’s heavenly. It’s full of lime. And it’s beautiful, vegan, gluten free.


These muffins love making muffins.




If I write I cookbook, it might be about muffins. BANANA + PISTACHIO + DARK CHOCOLATE.


Every time I drink this I have crazy energy.


His name is Oscar, but you can call him King.


Flourless baking at it’s finest.


Just throwing ingredients around the kitchen. As usual.


Wait. What.


Crispy success.


Soaking up that Minnesota Summer.


OMG. Why is he so cute?


FEAST YOUR EYES. More muffins.


Probably one of my favorite colors ever.


Work stuff.


Blue on blue.




New kicks. Yes, both.


I’m such a lucky girl.


The most delicious tea.


Fresh. Red. Lovely. Sweet.


Fell in love with this dress.


The very best banana bread.


Panera + work.


PB & J minis.


Cupcakes are the best.






Spicy Tomato Lentil Soup. My favorite lunch.




MANGO CUPCAKE. Literally dream about this.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram for more fun updates of what I’m cooking, baking, and doing. xoxo!

17 Responses to Life Lately.

  • Shani Hursh says:

    Where’d ya get that mango cupcake?

  • Omg I miss MN when I see these pics. Morrie’s Mazda. Blast from the past. You wouldn’t think I could miss MN living in San Diego, but summer there is THE BEST! Thank you for all of these.

    The mango cupcake, the white dress, your pink point shoes, your eagle pose, the new ride!, that TJs popcorn. BlogHER! Christy, Kristy, Carrian and you = trouble, in the best way :)

  • Donna says:

    I WANT your “Life Lately”…Everything in your current “world” is so inspiring and gorgeous…Feeling very much “the kindred soul” …but across the pond in France!

    Please …the recipes for your Spicy Tomato Lentil Soup (Looks amazing) as well as the Banana Pistachio muffin….Pancake PB & J mini marvels….These and all your recipes look exquisite and perfectly executed/photographed….I desperately wish my presentation skills were as STELLAR as your own. I will purchase ANY and each cookbook you take the effort to produce..a gift you actually give and give to your faithful flock of followers. Stopping with the “gushing”…but I really had to let you know how appreciated your offerings have been received by my family here in France…each and every time.

    Your Strawberry Banana Coconut (Wonder) Bread is on this weekend’s official brunch agenda.

    The running shoes…omg…WHICH do you prefer? Both are cute beyond…but is one more “comfy” for pavement pounding?…I want your dog…

  • ohsweetbasil says:

    Oh friend, I so miss your pretty face. I’m so glad we got to hang all weekend. Definitely the best part of the trip was you ladies. Loving all your photos too! Good month for you!

  • Loved meeting you at BHF! Next time we meet up we have to bake cookies:)

  • Kate says:

    Dang. I’m hungry now. That dinner was so amazing; I still dream about those cocktails. So incredible. The bottles are sitting on my counter, staring at me and I keep forgetting to buy tonic and limes for that gin. That gin!!! Oh. My.

  • Amanda says:

    Next time you go to Panera you have to call me. I may need to leave my five children unattended for hours but that will teach them how to be self sufficient right? ;) Glad you had so much fun at BHF and love that white dress!!!

  • It was so nice meeting you at BHF! I had so much fun hanging out with all of you! Hope we can do it again next year :) And WHERE did you get that white dress. I am loving it!

  • Looks like you’ve been up to a lot of awesome stuff lately! Fruit covered with dark chocolate…that’s my kind of snack! ;-) And that white dress is beautiful!

  • Everything looks so delicious. I’m excited for the salad recipe..love lots of lime! i’m also obsessed with that white dress..I hope you bought it!

  • All this food looks amazing! Also, Congrats on the new whip!

  • kim says:

    Love that yoga top! Where’s it from? :)

  • Rachel J says:

    Looks delicious and fun Monique! Loved this little glimpse into your life!

  • It was great to meet you at the BlogHer conference (@ the Ziplist party)! It has been so much fun to read your blog, esp being that we both live in Minnesota. Looks like life is going great and hopefully we’ll ‘bump’ into eachother at another conference soon!

  • I want to eat everything pictured above. And you are right…we have pretty awesome “side jobs” and it’s so fun to meet other people like us!

    So glad we met! Now hurry up and come to Utah so we can eat some fair food together:) Also, I think I need yoga in my life!

  • That popcorn. And tea. Also making the black rice recipe, which means I need to learn how to use my food processor.

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