These chocolate snickerdoodles are stuffed with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt to make one of the best cookies you’ll ever eat.

Pretty sure I saved the best cookie for last. Yup salted caramel stuffed chocolate snickerdoodles! While it may seem insane to throw all of these flavors at you, I think you’ll find that the caramel, cinnamon and chocolate paired together make one of the best Christmas cookies you will ever eat. Ever, ever, ever.

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Delicious little brownie bites that taste like your favorite cup of hot cocoa. These bites are a perfect treat and only take 15 minutes to make! Made with Simple Mills tasty grain free chocolate baking mix!

I have a confession to make. I snuck brownies into cookie week. I know I’ve got a few mad brownie lovers out there who crave a tasty chocolate treat like no other. These are for you chocoholics. (Brownieholics?)

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Soft paleo ginger molasses cookies that taste like the holiday time favorite you know and love. These grain free treats could just be healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast!

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? As in Day 3 of cookie week? Hump day just got even better.

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Beautiful chewy cinnamon brown butter oatmeal cookies have a delicious caramel like flavor and are slightly crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle. Finished off with a light icing.

Who’s ready for cookie number 2 of Ambitious Kitchen’s cookie week? *Raises hand*

Me too. Meeeeee toooooo!

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Almond flour sugar cookies that taste just like the soft lofthouse version, except these are made with better for you ingredients! Both gluten free and paleo too (if you leave off the frosting!). These are UNREAL. 

Welcome to Ambitious Kitchen’s Cookie Week 2016. I’m going to lay the frosting on thick, brown the butter like no other motha and blow ya minds with these dank ass cookies. Yep that’s right, every day this week there will be a new, delicious cookie recipe complete with a recipe video.

GUYS I’ve been LOVING doing recipe videos because they make the recipes seem super easy, visual and achievable. I want you to be able to make these recipes with success and I’m confident the videos will help get you there.

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Delicious brownie-like chocolate almond butter cookies made with a handful of simple, healthy ingredients. Are you guys ready for the easiest and most delicious almond butter cookie recipe ever?! Yes that’s right, you can have fudge-like brownie chocolate almond butter cookies in just 15 minutes!

You know how you have a indulgent chocolate chip cookie recipe you make for parties, special occasions and those just because moments?

What about those every day life moments? Those times when you want a little something sweet at 3pm but don’t want to find yourself devouring a creme-filled donut because you’re saving that for a different occasion. Or how about when you’re craving chocolate after dinner but don’t want to go all out with a triple decker chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with dark brown sugar, two types of chocolate chips and a sprinkle of sea salt. These are, in fact, the BEST cookies you will ever eat.

Let’s flash back to around 2012 when I was off trying to perfect the absolute best chocolate chip cookie. I was living in Washington D.C. at the time and my entire world outside of work included baking my heart out. It took me months and months to find an accurate and delicious ratio between butter (it had to be browned), brown sugar (a higher ration than white sugar) and of course, chocolate (two types of chips!).

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Welcome to day 2 of zucchini week! Yesterday I gave you a delish bread recipe & today we’re all about cookies that taste like banana bread. Whoo hoo!

Since I couldn’t remember the last time I gave you a cookie recipe, I decided that today was the day to make it happen. We’re starting off with these BIG healthy VEGAN zucchini oatmeal cookies studded with ooey-gooey chocolate chips, whole grains & banana.


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When I first started my blog, I had just moved to Washington D.C., was utterly confused about what to do with my life and had endless amounts of student loans. I knew that that I needed to support myself, make a decent income and be independent. So I took a job in marketing at a engineering consulting firm.

Guys, it was terrible. I mean truly awful.

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