My day starts off by waking up at 5:30am. I used to dread the early mornings but these days I find myself rather enjoying peeling the covers off, sleepily grinding coffee beans and making a pot, feeding the cat and heading out the door for my workout.

The schedule keeps me motivated and encourages me to go to bed at a decent hour (most of the time anyway). I’ve also found that I enjoy having the rest of my day free to work without the anticipation of exercising later. Occasionally I do sleep in until around 7am, but it’s becoming more rare.

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Lasagna without the noodles. It’s a thing in my life. A very delicious thing that I needed to share with you just in time for eggplant season!

Let’s back up a sec though. Before I share the recipe details with you, I must tell you about my lasagna obsession. Flashback to around my 21st birthday when I asked my Mom to make me lasagna. First of all, three days prior to my birthday I had returned to America from my adventures wine drinking and traveling around in the land of Oz, so my 21st birthday didn’t seem all that exciting.

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Hello from beautiful Napa Valley! I spent the better part of the weekend on the Culinary Institute of America with the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council learning about pulses, cooking in their gorgeous kitchens, and gaining some serious skills in gluten free/grain free baking!

I’m leaving feeling inspired and so very thankful to be chosen as an ambassador for the 2016 International Year of Pulses! That’s right, this year the United Nations declared 2016 as the year of pulse and I’m thrilled to be able to create recipes using some of these powerhouse foods!

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I have to admit that I spent a lot of time in November testing out pumpkin pie recipes. And even better, I was set on creating a healthy pumpkin pie recipe because I’m 100% sure we don’t need to have pumpkin pie made with sweetened condensed milk.

If you weren’t already aware, my love for pumpkin pie is right up there with my love for all the nut butters, Justin Bieber and cats. You know, all the normal things in life. Uhhhhh…

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Milly is snuggled on my lap right now purring and happily curled into a little warm ball. Tony is still sleeping and the apartment is still and quiet on this crisp morning. I’ve got my coffee (which I’ve made too strong) and my Grandma and Mom are here for Thanksgiving festivities.

My plan is to make them a big bowl of green chile stew and this apple crisp recipe for them tonight. Spicy and sweet before we stuff ourselves silly tomorrow. That’s the way I roll.

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What’s your bread of choice on Thanksgiving? When I was younger, we always had soft and fluffy croissants and they were my absolute favorite.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently due to the fact that I have uncontrollable love for biscuits. Yes, biscuits! Surprisingly, there just so happens to be a multitude of Chicago restaurants that serve biscuits at brunch. While I’m not typically into carbs at breakfast (love my eggs), biscuits have been a breakfast game changer for me. Giant, fluffy puffs of love smothered in honey. That’s when you know it’s going to be a good weekend, right?

A great characteristic of biscuits is that they’re versatile and easily acceptable at any meal of your choosing. Furthermore, biscuits don’t just have to be served with jelly or honey at breakfast; in fact, they are the perfect way to soak up your cranberry sauce and extra gravy. Another option is piling on the turkey and making sandwiches with your leftovers. Basically just determined to turn you into a biscuit lover.

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The title of this recipe is certainly a long name for a salad, yet somehow I feel like the more descriptive, the better. Especially when it comes to salads, there are just too many out there these days; I want you to know what sets this one apart right from the beginning.

Secondly, I’m wondering how many of you actually eat salads on Thanksgiving? For me, it’s an absolute MUST. I pile my plate full of salad before anything else. I want the greens before the beige breads and golden brown gravy.

Fill me up with nourishment, then fill me up with that pumpkin pie comfort.

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Although this is a mostly healthy, clean eating focused food blog, my naughty side loves all things sweet. AND I am a believer in the art of moderation in delicious sweet and treats, that’s why I started my monthly Indulge! series, which focuses on bringing you tempting, decadent recipes that are perfect for parties, impressing your significant other or just indulging in a cheat day at home.

First, I must tell you the story behind this french silk pie because it’s one of my favorites!

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