We’re back with another Round Up Sunday! I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend, and that this roundup is a day-brightener for any “Sunday Scaries.” I’ve found that the best way to cure the scaries are to get a workout in – even if it’s just a nice walk outside – practice some self-care (hello relaxing bath + calming playlist), and of course, make delicious food like these healthy slow cooker recipes.

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Happy round up Sunday! Didn’t know it was a thing?

Every Sunday I’m going to be rounding up some amazing AK recipes with different themes just for you. Why? Because sometimes you don’t know you want something until it’s right in front of you. Like these incredible homemade nut butters.

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Well guys, we celebrated another amazing Zucchini Week! Thank you all for the inspiration for these new zucchini recipes, and for tuning in all week while I made a mess of my kitchen with my favorite summer veggie. It was SO much fun. But, because I can never have too much zucchini (and apparently neither can you) I rounded up ALL of my zucchini recipes into one place.

That’s right, here are the 26 healthy zucchini recipes on Ambitious Kitchen. Scroll on through, pick your favs, and let me know what you decide to make!

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week so far. Despite the confusing Chicago weather all I can think about is the start of SUMMER. I’m so excited for the upcoming holiday weekend. Tony and I will be grillin’, chillin’, and (hopefully) enjoying some sunshine on the patio with friends. Read more.


Here we go. November brings Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brings gratitute, appreciation and a meal to delight both the eyes and our bellies.

The words that are so frequently unspoken are often the ones we need to say the most to our loved ones. To tell them that we appreciate them. To tell them that they are beautiful, both inside and out. To smile at them, just because. To say thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most.

Let us not forget that our life is made up of millions of moments. Moments that make up an entire lifetime. Use a moment to show and speak your love to someone else.

This year, I want to start off the Thanksgiving feast by saying three things I’m grateful for out loud, before the feasting begins. I challenge you to do the same. And if you have any special traditions to show appreciation and gratitude, let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to hear them.

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If you’re like me, you’re probably wanting to bake something to end the weekend on a sweet note. Well, get ready for some of the best healthy peanut butter recipes around. I’m a full blown peanut butter addict. There’s nothing that will keep me away from a jar of peanut butter under any circumstance. Peanut butter is good in every single way: Spread it on a banana, put it in your smoothie, eat it on a spoon, devour it by the jar (wait…).

Remember when I did my peanut butter taste test? If that didn’t prove my devotion to peanut butter, I don’t know what can. Knowing some of you and how your love for PB might be as strong as mine, I figured you might appreciate a post devoted to some of the best healthier peanut butter treats! Get ready to drool.

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