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Flourless Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies with Sea Salt {vegan, gluten-free & healthy}

Have you ever spent so much time or energy on something, only to realize it wasn’t even worth it?

It’s kind of like when you bake a cake and absolutely hate the end result. Or when you date someone for too long only to end up being disappointed or hurt. Sometimes it can even be when you listen to entire Taylor Swift songs.

Anyway, the point is, even though you’ve had to live through things that seemed pointless and time-consuming, you learned from them. You realize that sometimes you can’t trust those Martha Stewart recipes, and that the person you dated actually taught you a lot about what you want in a future relationship. Oh and that Taylor Swift song? Absolutely change the station and never purchase another one of her songs off iTunes again. Harsh Monday realities coming at you.

Oh but these blondies? Amazing bites of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bliss. No regrets. They’re just SO worth it!

Now don’t think I’ve gone all weird on you because I put chickpeas in a blondie without any flour or butter.
Nevermind, clearly I’m a little bit weird. After all I am obsessed with Zac Efron.

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Almond Granola Bars

I bet you’re hungry. I mean, it’s been a week since I’ve given you a recipe!

I’m not back from vacation just yet so I’m going to keep this short and sweet; I have to enjoy my last day in the sunshine!

Before I go, we must discuss these granola bars. They’re simple, delicious, and full of good-for-you ingredients and healthy fats to keep you satisfied. Plus they are incredibly easy to make!

First we toast the coconut, oats, and almonds in the oven.

Then simply mix honey, almond butter, a little coconut oil, vanilla and cinnamon in a saucepan to heat thoroughly. The wet ingredients are then added to the dry mixture and then tossed to combine. Easy!

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Thursday Giveaway: The Good Bean

The Good BeanIf you’ve been reading Ambitious Kitchen for a while, you already know that I’m completely addicted to grocery shopping. It’s just a thing I do when I’m stressed, or even when I need a little creative outlet. It’s simple: I pace the aisles back and forth, looking at different ingredients and coming up with recipe ideas in my head. And of course, I’m always on the look out for fun new products to tell you guys about, especially if they’re healthy! Or if they have brown butter. Hehe.

This past week The Good Bean company contacted me to see if I’d like some samples of their product and do a giveaway. I usually don’t turn down free food, so of course I said yes!

The Good BeanThe Good Bean makes roasted chickpea snacks and Fruit & No-Nut Bars. They’re gluten-free and non-GMO, one serving of their chickpea snacks has as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli, as much protein as an egg, as much folate as 3 cups of spinach, and they are freaking delicious! Their chickpea snacks come in four different flavors: sea salt, cracked pepper, smokey chili & lime, and sweet cinnamon. My favorite were the the sea salt and sweet cinnamon flavors. I found myself munching on the snacks on my way to the gym. They’re also perfect for topping on salads or even sprinkling on your greek yogurt in the morning!

The Fruit & NO-NUT Bars (made with chickpeas instead of nuts) were by far my favorite. Each bar has 40-60% less fat than the leading Fruit & Nut Bars. They have three varieties: apricot coconut, fruit & seeds trail mix, and chocolate berry. The chocolate berry bar is amazing, and they’re actually filling! The reason the bars aren’t photographed is because I ate them all. Seriously like ripped them open and devoured them. Sometimes I have no self control.

The Good Bean

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Honey Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

I’m getting to the point today. This bread is downright sensational. My goodness, I’m in love with it! I baked two loaves this weekend, and now sincerely hold the believe that it’s a little bit magical.

Honey Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Doesn’t the name just scream ‘devour me’? The flavor combination is unique: a perfectly moist interior with a touch of sweetness from the honey with the bits of chocolate. Trust me, it cannot be matched.

Most of my banana bread recipes are healthy, use minimal sugar, no butter/oil, and focus on substitutes. I wanted this bread to fall under that category as well; however, I had never experimented with whole wheat flour in banana bread, nor unrefined sweeteners so I figured I would try something new.

The result? A gorgeous, perfectly moist bread with a golden brown crust! And not to mention, it’s now my new go-to banana bread. I just can’t get enough of this gem.

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