I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Of course, my family requested that I make my brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Somehow we ‘forgot’ to bring them to the Christmas Eve party we were attending. However, I’m pretty sure they meant to leave them back home so that they could eat them all.



Breakfast — why am I so obsessed with it? I appreciate it. I wake up for it. I even crave it at night! Brinner (breakfast for dinner) is now a crucial part of my diet! My new obsession is skinny french toast with peanut butter and maple syrup. I’m thinking about adding bananas next time. Or bourbon? Yes, probably bourbon.

I seriously might have to create a how-to just on that french toast.


Fashion wise, cranberry colored jeans are totally the way to go. Except when you spill chocolate donut sprinkles all over them; then bring on the black. Or just get a napkin and stop eating donuts like I should.


Speaking of donuts — this is going to shock you: I do actually eat things besides sweets. In fact most of the meals are healthy! I don’t get to photograph most of them because they get devoured. Kind of like this veggie stir fry with Trader Joe’s sweet chili sauce and a hint of sesame oil. It makes me feel incredible and it’s wonderful served with chicken.


Another part of my day? Tea! My favorite brand is the Yogi Tea because I love reading all of the quotes on the tea bags — they make my mornings happy and inspired. Their Kava tea is delicious and calming too.


Meet my gorgeous friend Laura. She drinks margaritas, love Cheerios, and mexican food — just like me. We’re secretly sisters. Except we aren’t because she loves sports and most of the time I look at her clueless when she starts talking about them.


I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with this ridiculous chocolate cake. The frosting tasted like E.L fudge cookies but I also thought I was going to die after eating a slice.

Now I am craving E.L fudge filled cookies. Great.


So if you follow me on Instagram, then you probably have seen the ridiculous photos of this cat. Doesn’t she look like she has major attitude?

She doesn’t, but her face does.


A few weeks ago I visited Brendan, a friend who I went to school with in Australia. We went for a 4-mile run, then ate delicious food and baked major amounts of cookies. After being in New York and Boston, I’ve decided that need to get to the East Coast more often — there’s so much history!


Ummmmm have you guys tried toasting and caramelizing almonds? It’s incredible and perfect on top of salads, oatmeal, or on top of yogurt for a sweet crunch!

The other day I rolled a banana in mini chocolate chips and caramelized nuts for a healthy treat. You need to try it!

Anyway the holidays are nearly over, and I’m looking forward to a new year with more opportunities, cooking, and above all — sharing it all with YOU!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays and baking along with me, I promise we’ll get back to healthy recipes soon.