Before we get into weekly favorites, I’d like to share with you my best banana bread recipe. Now I only know that it’s my number one because apparently I can’t even wait to slice into it. Yes that’s right, I basically pick the entire top of the bread and shovel it into my mouth as soon as I pull it out of the oven. It’s just too irresistible when it’s warm and sweetened with a touch of honey and bits of chocolate chips. I really don’t think banana bread could get any better…. unless you slab on a little nutella! SORRY… but I’m totally not sorry.

Anyway the point of me telling you about delicious bread is because I think you should bake it for your mom this Mother’s Day! She’s probably a pretty special lady who definitely deserves a very special bread. Moms love homemade goods!

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? I’m going to treat my mom to a pedicure and hopefully we’ll see the new Great Gatsby movie. If you haven’t listened to the movie soundtrack, go do it now. I’m serious! Download the whole thing; you won’t regret it.


Other things I want to share with you: I’m thinking about making a change in my job. As you may know, for the past 2 years I’ve worked for myself; it’s been stressful, crazy, and amazing… but it appears that there are some really incredible opportunities on the horizon! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Anyway on to weekly favorites…



  • Beautiful strawberry kale salad.


  • A wonderful article about our experiences.






  • This little blender is perfect for smoothies.


  •  Gorgeous gluten free oatmeal cookies. Want!


Have a wonderful weekend! Give your mom a big hug. xo!