I just got back from New York and am feeling AMAZING after a beautiful time with my Under Armour Women fam. Truth be told it was only my second time in New York City. You’d think that by how much I love Chicago and how big of a city it is that I would have been to New York more. For some reason though, work just never seems to bring me out to the East Coast.

But this city wraps you in its arms and sweeps you up into the busyness. The people are the veins of the city, giving it life and energy everywhere you turn. The rush of people, the attitude, and the hustle is different than what I’m used to, yet somewhat addicting in a way I wouldn’t have expected.


Callie, my BFF and maid of honor, moved here about 6 months ago. Thankfully I’ve had a few chances to see her since then, but never in here NYC element. She’s always loved it here and now I know why.

On Wednesday, we spent the day catching up on life. It could be a year without seeing each other but nothing ever changes between us when we’re together, which is something I love. It’s funny to relive some of our crazy ass college days, just being the two of us. We’re wild, ambitious women and I absolutely love it. The honesty in our friendship is one of my favorite things. We just say how it is but I think it’s because we’ve been through so much together. 10 years of friendship and sharing a small college apartment will do that to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

We also went to an amazing event put on by Under Armour called #UnlikeAny. You can check it out here. Just click on each women’s photo to learn more, then watch the videos. THEY ARE INSPIRING and absolutely beautiful.

Now, let’s get to weekend favorites!

These vegetarian skewers have a BLUEBERRY BBQ sauce and I’m in love.

Absolutely gorgeous Paleo Raspberry Poptarts that are breakfast, dessert, and everything #goals.

Just got some sweet new shades just like these!

Do you have an ice cream maker yet?ย This is the one I use.

Stuck in a music rut? Here are 10 podcasts to listen to when you just can’t pick a playlist (for running, commuting, anything!)

These new Under Armour Threadbone Seamless Crop Leggings are SO comfortable with zero pinch – loving this emerald green, too.


A super cute ruffle blouse to pair with shorts this summer and your fav jeans this fall (on sale with 5 colors!)

This adorable grey jacket. Winter is coming (GOT plug).

And this super cute jumpsuit!

I’m SO obsessed with this sweater‘s color and look.

Love this ruffle sleeve top. Cute with jeans or a skirt.

This breezy romper is on SALE and is the perfect running-out-the-door outfit for any occasion.

It’s never too early to prep for fall, and this suede jacket comes in two amazing colors.


I hope you have a lovely weekend. I’ll be wedding planning and making all the zucchini recipes I can dream up. xoxo.