A little inspiration from me to you

A little inspiration my father gave me when I was 18 years old. Never take the people who you have in your life for granted.

sliced loaf of bread

My dad once wrote me a note on the back of a piece of paper at Church. I’ve kept it with me, always acknowledging it as a form of inspiration.


Humor is good, learn from your talents. Education is key – you can do anything! Be a good listener. Make sure your kind & tolerant.  Be patient. 

Always evaluate your decisions. But never sell out your heart! Quiet time alone is important. Most of all, find something you love to do – and do it!

Always be the best you can, but be still enough to find the answers within. Respect Mother Earth and your mother! Listen to your instincts, but don’t be fooled. Always grow, and learn new things.

Take risks, a little anyway. Be healthy, eat sensible and smart. Don’t do too much of anything. Find God in Jesus. Get to know your parents. Always be honest.



collage of recipes

That note is a part of who I am. Every time I read it, I’m reminded of what’s important. And even if I’m not entirely sure what inspires me to cook and bake, I’ve discovered that maybe it’s just part of me. I’m finding something I love, and I’m doing it!

So… won’t you stay a while? Grab your mixing bowl, and maybe a  frying pan too… we’ll have lots of fun!

I promise you won’t get bored. Just look at everything that’s being made! Quinoa is coming… chocolate is coming… strawberry peanut butter banana bread is coming!

Until then, enjoy your weekend.

“Find something you love to do – and do it!”

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