Bread is back baby. That’s right, we’re toasting it up, then throwing on ALL the toppings on today’s Wellness Wednesday in partnership with my wonderful friends over at Blue Diamond.

I don’t know about you, but morning toast happens to be one of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy a quick, nutritious breakfast. Over the past few years, bread has gotten a bad rap mostly due to people experimenting with gluten or grain free diets. Today I’m making a claim that bread (or toast) is back and ready to be enjoyed again!

So, why do I love bread so much? It’s easy to throw in the toaster making it a quick on-the-go breakfast. Of course I’ve been through my peanut butter, almond butter & avocado toast phase, but today we’re moving on to bigger and better toppings. Toppings that are as beautiful as they are delicious to eat. Toppings that you may have never thought to put on your toast…

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It always feels exceptional to wake up and notice banana bread sitting on the counter waiting to be devoured. You know it’s going to be even better than it was the first day, if that’s even possible. Yet you tell yourself you’ll have it later, perhaps for an afternoon treat.

Shortly after you open the pantry and peer into the fridge, you realize you’re absolutely having that banana bread for breakfast. There’s no stopping you. You’re craving it NOW.

That was my situation last week and it ended with me enjoying two thick slices with peanut butter on top. Plus a few fresh strawberries, chia seeds and huge chunks of dark chocolate. Because antioxidants, right?

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Normally I start each blog post with some sort of little story about life and what I’ve been up to lately. Today I just want to bring you a recipe for paleo banana bread because frankly, it’s just awesome.

I’ve been hoarding this recipe in my drafts for months, waiting for the perfect moment to hit publish. Mondays always seem to be the best because you’re all looking for new things to make, and who doesn’t love a good treat for the rest of the week?

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What’s your bread of choice on Thanksgiving? When I was younger, we always had soft and fluffy croissants and they were my absolute favorite.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently due to the fact that I have uncontrollable love for biscuits. Yes, biscuits! Surprisingly, there just so happens to be a multitude of Chicago restaurants that serve biscuits at brunch. While I’m not typically into carbs at breakfast (love my eggs), biscuits have been a breakfast game changer for me. Giant, fluffy puffs of love smothered in honey. That’s when you know it’s going to be a good weekend, right?

A great characteristic of biscuits is that they’re versatile and easily acceptable at any meal of your choosing. Furthermore, biscuits don’t just have to be served with jelly or honey at breakfast; in fact, they are the perfect way to soak up your cranberry sauce and extra gravy. Another option is piling on the turkey and making sandwiches with your leftovers. Basically just determined to turn you into a biscuit lover.

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My Grandma just so happens to be one of the best people in my life. She’s gracious, warm, funny and lights up a room with her unique soul.

She also is 80, does Zumba and line dancing, still gardens at 6am and apparently goes down waterslides face first. Gotta love her.

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever enjoyed my life more than right now. Such a great way to start off a Tuesday, right? But it’s true. I’m really incredibly happy.

Last week Ambitious Kitchen turned 4 years old. I made you a cake and wrote you all giant inspirational love letter (coming soon!). Tony and I also found a new apartment and signed a lease last week, which means we’ll be staying in Chicago for at least another year (!!!!). I’m working on a new photography project with my good friend Sarah of Broma Bakery. And finally, I’m traveling a ton the rest of the year. All good things.

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Last week I was walking home from my usual morning workout and suddenly smelled an overwhelming bagel aroma in the air.

My goodness, have you ever had that happen to you? It’s truly a breakfast calling like no other and therefore made my stomach rumble for the next 20 minutes. Throughout the rest of the day, I kept thinking about bagels and couldn’t stop. In fact, I couldn’t even recall the last time I had a bagel. SAY WHAT?!

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As I mentioned previously, I’m taking a bit of time off this Summer from blogging. It’s not that I don’t want to because I basically have a million ideas, it’s more that I want to make sure I’m being fulfilled personally and professionally.

So really all I’ve been trying to do is figure out what’s next for myself and AK.

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