Baked coconut donuts with a sweet berry glaze. Easy to make and perfect for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July. I call these the All American Donuts.

Did you guys see my Instagram stories this weekend? I FINALLY got around to creating my little patio garden. I picked up a few plants on Saturday afternoon after my workout then spent the rest of the afternoon planting gorgeous arrangements on my deck before a storm rolled through. Guys, I’m not kidding when I say I had such a great time.

I still want to plant a few herbs and possibly a tomato plant, but we’ll get there eventually.

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Blueberry Glazed Donuts — a healthier baked donuts made with a mix of almond and whole grain flour, then dipped in an easy homemade blueberry glaze.  

I just started doing a fun challenge on Instagram called the #ambitiouschallege. It’s an everyday glimpse into my life from where I live and what I do on an everyday basis to all of the things that I love in life.

On day 3 of the challenge, I shared one of my favorite treats: DONUTS! For all of my life, I’ve had a love of a good donut. My two favorites here in Chicago are Firecakes and Doughnut Vault — a treat meant for special occasions (or if I’m downtown and really in the mood for something fantastically sweet).

However I try to limit my indulgent donut devouring to once a month, especially when I can easily bake them at home…

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I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of zucchini week because I’ve had such an amazing time bringing you new recipes. For example: these baked zucchini donuts bursting with fresh, juicy blueberries and finished with a white chocolate drizzle.

Seriously so dreamy and perfect with a cup of coffee.

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Just the other day I was dreaming about donuts again and then I realized that I’ve had these beauties in my drafts since last October. Yep, over 6 months ago.

Memory issues? Perhaps. Or maybe I just had too many other delicious things to post back then. I’ll really never know, I’m just sorry these didn’t come sooner because THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD.

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WELCOME to the beginning of what I’m calling The Chicago Series, an Ambitious Kitchen guide to the absolute best spots for food & entertaining in Chicago! This first guide came about because of my unprecedented love for donuts, coupled with a crazy good low key donut scene in Chicago.

Ever since moving here almost two years ago, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the amount of delicious donut shops. Each place specializing in their own unique take, from fat and yeasty to classic old fashioned with a twist. What could be better than starting the day with a donut, a cup of coffee and a sense of adventure? Not much.

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I’ve learned a couple of things lately. Always take the road less traveled. Always sign up for an adventure. Always appreciate what you have. And always say yes to donuts!

Valentine’s day be next month but I’ve already been planning on falling in love with my life all over again. This consists of activities and things I’ve never done before. I’ve got a trip to Boston planned, a food tour booked, and reservations at Mike Isabella’s restaurant (that’s love right there)! Living young,wild, free and single.

Of course, a benefit of calling someone mine would be making ridiculously good breakfasts for them. Basically what I’m saying is boyfriends need to be willing to eat everything I make. There are no exceptions. So, until I have time to quiz dates on their pancake flipping style and favorite morning muffin, it’s just me and my spatula this Valentine’s Day.

How about you?

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