Are you ready to learn five things about me?

Okay, good! Here we go.

  1. I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. The soundtrack is ridiculously great and that little clock, candlestick, and teacup friendship is pretty adorable.
  2. I am obsessed with Salty Dog chocolates from BT McElrath. Dark chocolate with butter toffee pieces and sea salt… I don’t need to explain further.
  3. I need to date Curtis Stone. He’s Australian and likes to cook. We’d make a good match.

4. Two of my best friends are totally the coolest people on earth. You should meet them sometime.  You’d laugh your butt off. You’d wonder how we got so sassy. We have fun. I love them very much.

The Ginger, Asian, & Blonde trio.  Totally awkward hair colors. Totally different personalities. It just works.

We took on Chicago once. One of the best times of my life.  I’m still laughing about it.

Here we are at graduation. Totally cute.

I miss seeing them everyday. I used to come home and we’d cook dinner, laugh about our days, and dream about our futures.

I sound like I’m 80 years old! Gosh, time to pop a Werther’s butterscotch candy.

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How was your week?

Mine was pretty fabulous, thanks for asking. (You’re just so nice, I knew you would).

I hope you are feeling fabulous too!


You know there is a story behind these cupcakes. But first let’s start with why I made them.

Well you know how I said I was fabulous, and you may just be wondering why that is. Let me tell you it seems that everything does happen for a reason.

The choices we make lead to the places we end up. For me, things are beginning to fall right into place.  It’s weird how that happens all of a sudden.

But they happen and you can only wonder why, but when you know things are good, it’s happiness.  And it’s been an explosion of happiness lately!

First of all, I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.  Put that on your Fall to-do list. ASAP. Top that baby with whip cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. Happy day ahead.

Besides that, I made risotto for the first time. Perhaps I’ll post that so you can enjoy too!

I’ve also have a lot of potential career changes coming up that I’m pretty excited about. Okay, that’s an understatment. I’ve been incredibly crazy happy! More details to come on this later friends.

Lastly, I’m going to start contributing to The Bakery Spot. I’ll be writing about all things bakery. Now come on, how perfect is that?  I hope you check it out!

Anyway, I was feeling pretty fabulous about all above the above. Of course you know that calls for a celebration with sinful sweets. Duh.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes 

…Topped with Raspberry Whip Cream


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How do you know when you are a grown up?

Is it when you start drinking coffee? Maybe it’s when you start doing your own laundry or when you move out of your parents house? How about when you learn to cook fancy meals?

But maybe you aren’t grown up until you get married? Maybe you have to get a big kid job in the city and own a ritzy car and house.

Who has the answer?

Even if you do, don’t tell me.  You’ll ruin my fun.

See I think I’m still a kid at heart and I’d like to remain that way for a while.  I’m happy making other people happy.  If that involves  making fancy pies and exotic banana bread, then great.  But I could always be happy with a giant bowl of tomato soup or a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich.

Comfort food love. Kid style.

Confession: sometimes I put marshmallows in the microwave when I don’t have a fire.  This is entertaining only for about 10 seconds because they expand to look like balloons. However, they don’t have that crispy brown roast flavor like when you put them over a fire.

But it’s Fall now, so I can make s’mores that are perfectly golden and warm.

Plus, I was kinda feeling fancy and made Homemade Cinnamon Graham Crackers

But I felt like I wanted something a little more grown up than your typical s’more.

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