Incredibly cozy, healthy vegan Mexican hot chocolate that’s perfectly sweet with a hint of spice — made with a blend of almond and coconut milk. This recipe is in partnership with McCormick Spices.

Forget the whiskey, hot chocolate has always been the best kind of night cap.

Like many of you, I’ve adored a cozy cup of hot chocolate ever since I was a little. And I should share that I’m more of a whipped cream girl rather than a marshmallow lover. How about you?

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This Healthy Flourless Monster Cookie recipe is wholesome take on a childhood classic! Packed with peanut butter flavor, chocolate chips, coconut, chocolate candy pieces and nuts.

One of the first jobs I had in high school was working at a daycare. I was one of the leads in the afternoon preschool room, but eventually started working with toddlers and babies. It was an AMAZING learning experience for the future and I loved every minute of it. After high school I took up a few nanny jobs, which allowed me to essentially become apart of a new family. Read more.


Delicious no bake omega 3 mint brownie bites from the 28 day Healthy Glow Co. HGG Reset! These little bites are perfectly sweet without any refined sugars, and are the perfect treat to keep in your refrigerator. 

I’m back with another incredible recipe from the Healthy Glow Co. HGG Reset. I’m currently on Week 2 of the 4 week nutrition program and am feeling amazing. With tons of veggies, plenty of protein, and zero refined sugars — these recipes have been giving me more energy and leaving me feeling satisfied.

That’s why today I’m sharing one of our amazing treats in the program: my no bake omega-3 mint brownie bites.

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Incredible Ginger Cashew Chicken Stir Fry with Coconut Cauliflower Rice from the new Healthy Glow Co. HGG Reset! This protein-packed dish has bright colors, delicious flavors, and is perfect for meal-prep. 

It’s almost the weekend and I’m SO excited to be sharing one of my favorite recipes from the HGG Reset. I started our 4-week nutrition program on Monday, and have been enjoying these incredible meals all week long. This protein-packed ginger cashew chicken stir fry is my lunch today. Read more.


Incredible no bake cashew butter chocolate protein bars with a sprinkle of sea salt. These decadent bars make for a delicious post-workout snack and a satisfying treat.

How’s your January going so far? Most of you know I’m starting the HGG Reset next week, but in the meantime one of my biggest tips for people who are trying to eat healthy and find a comfortable relationship with food is to start meal prepping as much as possible. That includes your snacks and treats!

Abra and I constantly have a supply at RXBars on hand for traveling and while we work, but sometimes it’s fun to make your own because not only are they easy but they’re also inexpensive!

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Delicious black bean enchiladas made with savory butternut squash and an incredible, homemade enchilada sauce. These are drizzled to perfection with an addicting, vegan jalapeño cashew crema!

Hello hello! I’m backkkk from beautiful Kauai. I’m feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and most of all back to feeling a little more like myself.

It’s true: 2017 was a challenging year for me. We got engaged AND planned a wedding in less than 9 months. I also helped to launch my other business Healthy Glow Co, hired Abra, expanded AK with more recipes, got into more video and was overall very overworked. It was a year of growth, personal challenges and change. Just because things get bigger, doesn’t necessarily means it’s glorious and wonderful 100% of the time.

But the more you go through the more you grow, and I’m happy to still be here, chugging along and sharing my wellness journey + recipes with you. Most of all, I’m committed to getting back to staying true to me and what AK represents: a place to inspire you in and out of the kitchen.

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