It has been what seems like forever since I shared my most recent grocery finds with you. I know you all love them, so I’m making an effort to share more of the things I love to get in hopes to inspire you to try something new!

A few weeks ago Abra and I headed down to our local Fresh Thyme Farmers Market to see what all of buzz was about.

For all you Chicagoans: there’s a Fresh Thyme right in Bucktown with a MASSIVE parking lot – so easy! We walked in and were instantly blow away by how many amazing options there were. In fact there was a lot of buy one, get one free sales so we went a little crazy.

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It’s Christmas and I’m flying on a plane to Brisbane from Cairns. Tony and I are headed to Byron Bay for the final part of our time here in Australia.

I wanted to take time out to write this letter because frankly, I’ve had incredible nostalgia while being here, taking me back to a period in my life that while I’m not proud of, was most definitely a learning experience.

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MY GOODNESS. I’ve been wanting to write to you forever. And so here we are. Back to the ever fabulous, always changing Wellness Wednesday.

Let’s take a flashback to 2012/2013/2014 when I wasn’t the woman I am today. When I was trapped inside a shell of self doubt, control, grief and the constant need for perfectionism. Back to when I regretfully had no idea what a healthy relationship with my body or mind meant when it came to food. I lived and died by my next meal. Always thinking and contemplating what I’d have next. Planning ever so wisely so I could make sure to never surpass my caloric goals for the day. It’s sad, but a truth. My own truth and one that will forever be included in the story of my life.

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I’m just getting back to Chicago and settling into my routine after a weekend trip to Boulder, Colorado for our first ever Healthy Glow Co. retreat, which was absolutely AMAZING. Fourteen girls from across the country to celebrate the amazing community we’ve built for the past year and enjoy a day of self care including facials, hiking, cooking together, family style meals and SO MUCH MORE.

Anddddd that’s not all! This weekend we also celebrated some big news: our HGG STRONG fitness plan is finally live!

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As you guys know I’ve been representing Under Armour Women this year as one of their 7 ambassadors. It has been an incredible journey, and I’m so lucky to be part of this awesome group of women. UA Women are all about inspiring each other, including the next generation of all the ladies out there.

Today I’m taking you inside… my UA shoe closet. I’ve accumulated some awesome gear from them, but the shoes have to be some of my FAVORITES. Most of you know that I run, do yoga, cycle, lift, dance and pretty everything in between that keeps me active, so I need shoes that will work no matter what I’m doing.

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Happy Wellness Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week so far. I landed in NYC late last night after a couple days of recipe-testing at AK HQ, and I couldn’t be more excited to share all of the new recipes with you guys (Abra and I had trouble just fitting them all into the upcoming weeks!).

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE Trader Joe’s. Not only do I find it less expensive than most grocery stores here in Chicago, but I love their fun, new products and bopping around in those cute little red carts. Of course, it’s essential to avoid the Trader Joe traffic so I find that early morning shopping is best.

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I’m so excited to finally share the Ambitious Kitchen wellness series with you in partnership with Under Armour Women.

Even if you’ve only been following AK for the last few months, you know that I’m an advocate for women finding their own definition of health and wellness. I’ve shared stories on this blog about my struggles with finding balance, perfectionism, stress, losing my father, food addiction, ditching the scale and so much more.

I think of where this journey had led me. Where I’ve been because of blogging and how it’s shaped the person I am today.

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