It’s brussels sprouts season people! I have some serious love for these veggies because they’re easy to cook with, add a delicious crunch to any recipe, and retain all the flavaaaa. If you haven’t jumped on the brussels sprouts train yet, today is your lucky day.

And if you’re hesitant to try out the sprouts, start with any of these and get ready to have your mind blown.

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I get a lot of requests for fast, easy meals to make during the week, which inspires a lot of my healthy lunch recipes. Once noon (or really 11:30am) rolls around I’m ready for something fresh, flavorful, and filling to eat for lunch. These recipes are filling enough with protein & fiber to keep you full until your 3pm snack.

I’ve rounded up 21 healthy lunch recipes for you that are perfect to meal-prep for the week and give you a little inspo to start the week off on a healthy note.

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Sweet & savory 30-minute Moroccan chickpea quinoa salad made in one pot. Delicious flavors and the perfect vegetarian meal to prep for lunch!

Yesterday Abra and I went to Studio Three and did their Ellie Goulding & Lana Del Rey themed cycling class. It was the first time I had hit the gym in nearly a month (except for that one time I had 10 mins and did 50 squats + lunges in Australia and couldn’t walk for days after).

Anyway, I can’t tell you just how good it felt to get moving again, even if it was 45 minutes. It made my day that much better.

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Easy, flavorful healthy greek dressing that’s perfect for salads and marinades! This delicious 5-ingredient dressing will be a staple for lunches and dinners.

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Four quick and easy salads that you can meal prep in a Mason Jar! Made with fresh veggies and packed with protein thanks to grilled Just BARE Chicken, these will be your new lunch go-to in no time. 

Heyyyooooooo. Welcome to the first day of August (say what?!). I’m coming in HOT with not one but FOUR meal prep filling salad recipes made in adorable mason jars.

When I was dreaming up which meal prep recipe I’d bring you next, I knew it had to be something quick, easy, and portable for all of you on-the-go. I know you all lead incredibly busy lives – whether you’re in school, juggling one job or two, kids or a couple of pets, these recipes are the PERFECT weekday go-to.


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Amazing sweet potato taco bowls packed with plant based protein and your favorite southwest flavors, then drizzled with Bolthouse Farms Avocado Ranch yogurt dressing! Easy to make ahead of time & perfect to pack for lunch.

Oh hey Monday. I hope you guys had an amazing (and hopefully) shorter week last week. My mom and I spent some much needed time together exploring and walking around Chicago, getting pedicures, baking tahini brownies, new muffin recipes, and making her amazing Puerto Rican food that I haven’t had since I was 18. Where does the time go?

Every time I’m with my mom, I’m inspired to go back to the authentic flavors of Latin cuisine that I grew up with. Sofrito, homemade sazon, plantains, green chile and so much more. I can’t wait to start incorporating those flavors more into my recipes and teaching you all about the food that’s near and dear to my heart.

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Vegan and gluten free chopped Thai Kale Salad with edamame, mango and veggies. Tossed with a flavorful peanut ginger dressing. The perfect lunch or picnic salad.

Coming to you VERY excited today because our wedding playlist is finally coming together. I’ve been rocking out to amazing indie inspired playlists on Spotify and FINALLY found the song I’m going to walk down the aisle to.

And the song is…

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Roasted sweet potato arugula salad is a perfect lunch or appetizer. Topped with a light honey mustard yogurt dressing with a hint of gorgeous turmeric color.

How are we all feeling after the long weekend? Relaxed and rejuvenated?

Ready for another 3 day weekend? *me too*

Yesterday I went on a 3 mile run because I woke up with a massive wine hangover and needed some oxygen pumped to my brain. What? Just being honest over here… the best way to cure a hangover is a little bit of exercise.

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You only need 30 minutes to make this amazing honey garlic salmon paired with Dole’s new fabulous organic Apple Dijon Salad!

Five years ago I would have been crowned the salad queen. Now Abra (AK’s brand manager) has taken the position that over. If you follow us on Insta, you know that we’ve adopted the hashtag #abrassalad.

Every day she packs the most delicious little lunch and meal prep concoctions: roasted brussels with goat cheese and chickpeas; kale salad with garlic and carrots, and a sautéed broccoli with chickpeas and cranberries. Can you say veggie inspo?

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