Flavorful, protein-packed butternut squash green chile chicken soup. This comforting, cozy dish comes together in one pot and is perfect for a cold night. 

Happy New Year! Update on my end: I’m currently in Hawaii still celebrating our honeymoon ❤🌸 it’s absolutely amazing here and I never, ever want to leave.

For those of you in colder weather (like back home in Chicago!) I’ve got a beautiful soup for you that was inspired by my Grandmother Gloria.

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Hello and happy Round Up Sunday! I hope your weekend has been filled with relaxation, time with loved ones, and hopefully some therapeutic baking (aka all of the best things). As you probably know by now, we’re kicking off Cookie Week here on the blog starting tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.

Before we do a deep dive into the wonderful world of cookies, I rounded up 24 comforting soup & stew recipes for you to balance out those cookie treats all winter long.

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We’re back with another Round Up Sunday! I hope you guys have had an amazing weekend, and that this roundup is a day-brightener for any “Sunday Scaries.” I’ve found that the best way to cure the scaries are to get a workout in – even if it’s just a nice walk outside – practice some self-care (hello relaxing bath + calming playlist), and of course, make delicious food like these healthy slow cooker recipes.

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Golden Turmeric Chicken Soup with chickpeas and sweet potatoes will be your go-to winter soup! Flavored with ginger, garlic, coconut milk and a touch of peanut butter. 381 calories & 33g protein per serving!

Brrrrrrrrr. Is the polar vortex back or something because this weather isn’t jiving with my soul. I’m writing to you bundled up like I’m going into the arctic: I’ve got on Tony’s oversized Nike sweatpants, fluffy warm socks and a shirt that doesn’t match anything.

The upside? I reheated a big bowl of this warm turmeric chickpea chicken soup and it’s fantastic as ever, even on the third day.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala is a lightened up comforting Indian dish made with tomato sauce, chicken breast, coconut milk and various flavorful, bold spices. Serve with brown rice or naan for a full meal!

Oh hi, it’s me! I’ve come back alive after cookie week recipes from last week. Did you guys happen to make any over the weekend? I’d love to hear!

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Slow Cooker Taco Lentil Soup that’s both vegan and gluten free. You’ll love this easy meal packed with plant-based protein!

Currently writing to you from Detroit! I’ve been here since Friday hanging with my bestie Sarah while we bake, photograph, shop, drink Kombucha beer and jam out to Christmas music. I leave later today to get back into the groove of being at home for a while, working and recovering from turkey overload.

’Tis the season for Mariah Carey Christmas music on repeat while I sit in my pajamas and refuse to leave the house (besides grocery shopping and hitting up the gym).

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Ready for this vegan sweet potato corn chowder with a little hint of curry spice? It’s comforting, filling and a wonderful way to use up fresh or frozen summer corn.

Welcome back to post Labor Day weekend reality. Do you have a hangover? BTW I’m not talking the alcoholic kind of hangover. I’m talking about the food hangover that lasts for a day or two post stuffing your face with chips, all the dips, ice cream, and okay, several margaritas.

Am I just talking about myself here? Perhaps.

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Now that March is officially here, I’m hoping we can expect warmer weather. Not that our winter has been anything but mild, but I still prefer spring weather. There’s nothing I’m craving more than waking up a little late on a Saturday morning, grabbing brunch at a new restaurant in the city, then strolling around with Tony for the rest of the day. Mostly we head to antique shops or bookstores, or sometimes end up grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. Either way, I always have a good time moving, eating and enjoying ‘us’ time.

Here’s the thing though, and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we’re bound to have some sort of chilly weather this month at some point. You know, it’s a very predictable Midwest thing; nice one day and snowing the next. When that moment comes, you’ll have this wonderful chili to make.

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