This Summer has been full of margaritas, travel, baseball, and SO MUCH FOOD. I’ve felt so blessed to be able to take so many weekend trips in between my long work weeks. The photos below capture some of the moments of a few trips to Miami, North & South Carolina.

You can also check out my Trip Advisor profile to check out some of the places I’ve stayed. I need to get better about reviewing the restaurants I’ve eaten at. That’s on my to do list next!

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Oh hey, I know it’s kinda been a while since I’ve done my last travel post. I feel like I’ve been traveling ALL summer and between launching the new blog design, working full-time, cooking up recipes, and visiting Tony, I haven’t had time to do an iPhone photo dump.

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Cinnamon Rolls from Ambitious Kitchen

I love sharing photos and sneak peeks of what I’ve been up to lately, but it’s certainly been awhile! Like I mentioned before, I’ve been quite busy with the site redesign and traveling, but hope to be back with recipes soon so please don’t go away, friends.

Over Easter weekend I was in North Carolina to see Tony play baseball. Unfortunately I missed being able to see him pitch, but we were able to spend time together, which is always incredible.

Tony & Monque

Somehow I convinced him to watch the movie Frozen with me; it’s such a cute movie. I loved the snowman! Besides just vegging out, I made incredible overnight cinnamon rolls by hand. I think I was a little tipsy when I was kneading the dough at 2am the night before, but they turned out beautiful, soft, fluffy, and dare I say it… better than Cinnabon.

No really. Tony and his teammates devoured the entire pan that morning. Girlfriend points.

Decorating cookies

Tony’s parents were also visiting him over the weekend, so we jetted off to the grocery store to do a little shopping.

We picked up a cookie and I was surprised when they actually let me decorate it myself in the back of the bakery!

With all this eating, I brought Jillian along on my trip. Have you guys ever tried her workout DVDs? I LOVE them.

My favorite is Trouble Zones.

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I’m back with some more details about my recent travels to beautiful Australia! You can check out the first part of my trip here.

After a few days exploring Sydney, Tony and I flew into Brisbane. We were planning on spending a few days in a little hippie beach town called Byron Bay (my favorite place ever), so we rented a car. It was a bit of a challenge for Tony to get used to driving on the opposite site of the road and in the opposite side of the car, but he managed.

Right when we got off the plane we met my friend Susie for lunch and cocktails, then we dipped off to Byron Bay.


Out of all of the places we visited in Australia, Byron Bay was our favorite.

The first night we walked into town and enjoyed a delicious dinner, live music, and drinks. It was relaxing and just what we were craving.


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Hello my loves! First of all, let me tell you that I have missed you all so much. I can’t wait to share recipes with you soon!

As you probably know Tony and I headed to Australia to spend time together and attend one of my best friend’s wedding. I already miss the bright blue water and silky smooth sand on my toes. The smell of the ocean, too.

We took a flight from Chicago to LA, then headed to Sydney. Our travel time was long and draining, but we flew Qantas which I highly recommend! Our flight was fairly comfortable, and we especially loved the service, free snacks, and safety. The inside of the plane was gorgeous, too. What are your favorite airlines?

1888 hotel - Sydney, Australia

When we arrived in Sydney, we checked into the 1888 Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel and overall we really enjoyed it! Our room was beautiful, bright and clean; everything we could have hoped for.

aus19 aus18 aus17

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One of my best friends is moving to Washington this weekend so this shout out is just for her: I’ll miss you Laura. I’ll miss Tibet Kitchen, our Rojo dinner dates, and even hard boiled egg whites. By the way, I’m so proud of you.

Can’t wait to visit!


We recently had a team meeting and had this for apps. It was nothing short of delicious.


During our meeting we made homemade pasta, grilled chicken, salads, and lemon olive oil cakes. I was FULL to say the least.


Have you tried this stuff? My favorite granola is usually honey and oats or ANYTHING pumpkin flavored.


Isn’t it obvious I love pumpkin from the bottom of my heart?


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This past weekend I attended Mixed Conference, my very first food blogging conference. OH.MY.GOODNESS it was full of food, fun, and new friends! Huge shout out to Lucky Leaf for sponsoring me to attend!

I began my trip with a short pit stop for a few days in Boston where I was visiting a friend from Australia. We had the best time; I can’t wait to share more photos with you soon! After that I jetted to Roanoke, VA in a tiny plane. A little frightening, but I made it! From there we took a shuttle to Mountain Lake Resort & Hotel, where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed. The original movie was filmed before I was born, so I was a little clueless but whatever… if there’s food, I’m there.

When I arrived there was a huge pile of Hershey’s candy on my bed. I wanted to throw them in the trash (for obvious reasons) but decided to eat all of the ones with fillings because that seemed like a compromise. You know because not eating all of the candy is excusable in some weird way… it’s kind of like when you tell people, ‘well I only had half of my giant double cheeseburger’. Okay and plus, peppermint patties and Reese’s peanut butter cups are dear to my heart.

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