Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh! I made you a loaded salad. I mean really loaded. Magically so.

You guys know me well by now. If there’s a salad then there’s most likely kale in it… but then I went to Trader Joe’s (of course) and saw bag of organic spinach on the shelf. I mean, really let’s not forget about the first superfood that ever was. Before kale was this huge thing that people tried to make chips out of, spinach was the star. And so I decided to throw it back to 2008.

There’s something about summer that makes chopped salads everything you could possibly want. So many fruits and veggies in delicious little chunky bites waiting to be demolished. That’s how I think about salads anyway. Seriously can people please stop bringing those mayo-laden potato salads to potlucks, please? Most of the time I can’t even recognize if there are potatoes actually in the salad because I’m blinded by all that white weirdness.

Exaggerate much? Heh.

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It’s a little surprising that it’s been over a year since I’ve made you a kick ass stir fry.

What’s even more surprising is how I actually LICKED my plate clean after eating a serving of this. That’s how you know it’s good, right? At least that’s how I judge my recipe development these days… plate licking.

Sorta kidding. Sorta not.

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Some people can’t control themselves when it comes to chocolate but my problem happens to lie with nut butters. Every time I make them or buy a jar I down that creamy goodness in about 5 days. FOR REALS.

I usually just spoon it right out of the jar and into my mouth. Seriously cannot help it. I’ve actually thought about starting my own nut butter company. You never know.

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I have to admit something and writing it here makes it official: I really haven’t been eating healthy lately. The whole month of travel really caught me off guard. Usually I’m pretty cautious and fairly diligent about making healthy food choices but I’ve had my fair share of sweetness this month.

As someone who has had food struggles, it’s important for me to stay on track with the way I eat because if altered, I can easily develop an unhealthy relationship.

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It’s official. I’m on a chia seed kick. Anyone else?

I find myself putting it in and on everything I can: on top of oatmeal, in my smoothies and protein shakes, on top of peanut butter toast. The best though? Dipping bananas in dark chocolate and then in a sea of chia seeds. They’re so fabulously crunchy, sweet and irresistible. Plus all that good nutrition in just a little seed? I mean, how can you not love them?

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So I’m doing a juice & food cleanse right now. I’m SUPER excited about it because as you may already know I freakin’ love doing them. It’s not that I think they’re great in the moment, it’s just that I really love how I feel afterwards. The benefits? How clear my skin looks, how much great sleep I get and how differently I end up thinking about food.

I’ll have updates for you on the cleanse soon; in the meantime I’ve been staring at these bars on the counter all of yesterday. I made them last week for Tony because he’s all like I need to get in shape for baseball season — this is as he continues to eat chocolate covered doughnuts for breakfast. I think he could eat just about anything and still look good. No joke.

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Are Christmas cookies taking over your life? They aren’t for me just yet but I’m right around the corner from a MEGA bake-a-thon and quite honestly, I’m a little frightened by how many I may consume. You know the peanut butter blossoms? MY FAVVVVV. So classic, so peanut-buttery… just give me a few and a big glass of chocolate almond milk. Or hot chocolate with whipped cream. Why must the holiday season be so tempting?

Of course, I’ve really been trying to not go overboard with the sweets. I think I say that almost every Christmas; certainly this year will be better (I hope!).

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I hope your weekend was TOPS!

I spent the weekend in solitude. And honestly, it was so refreshing. I cleaned out my closet, worked out, bought new running shoes, worked on blogging techy stuff, and made a few recipes. I also watched an episode of The Leftovers, a new show on HBO. I’m kinda put off by it, but also a little intrigued. Have you seen it?

In other news, I’m a little annoyed with myself for not sharing this strawberry protein shake recipe sooner, but here it is now! I promise that you are going to love it.

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Hi you guys. How was your weekend?

From around noon until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, I was in my kitchen testing out new recipes. It’s actually my little weekend ritual. I jam out to music, dance around, get creative, trash the kitchen, and make my entire apartment smell like fresh baked goodies.

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