Learn how to make a delicious vegan cashew cheese sauce made with a few simple ingredients — tastes just like a creamy nacho cheese sauce!

I’m here for a quick how-to recipe today all about my new favorite cashew cheese sauce. I can’t stop making versions of this creamy VEGAN cheese sauce.

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No bake vegan and gluten free cherry cheesecake bars with a chocolate almond date brownie crust made in partnership with Northwest Cherries. Made with healthy fats, naturally sweetened and SO easy to make!

November has arrived. Which means my wedding is almost here. I can’t believe it. I still remember the day we got engaged like it was yesterday.

THANKFULLY we aren’t taking our honeymoon right away, but instead plan on taking a small mini moon, then coming home and simply relaxing, celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and being officially husband and wife.

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Guysssss. Can you believe that there’s only about 6 weeks to go ’til my wedding?

I have to admit that planning our wedding has been a weight of anxiety, excitement and anticipation hanging over my head the past 6 months. While I’m certainly looking forward to our day, I’m most looking forward to just being married. You know or whatever married people do. Netflix and chill? Travel the world? Slurp noodles like in Lady and the Tramp?

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Fall-inspired vegan pumpkin oatmeal scones with hints of maple, pecan and pumpkin spice in every bite! Made with hearty Coach’s Oats for a wholesome, filling snack to pair with your cup of coffee.

Many apologies over here because I haven’t made you a scone recipe since 2014. Another apology is due to the fact that we’re already mid-way through September and this just happens to be my first pumpkin recipe of the season. SAYYYY WHAAAA?

Usually I start posting pumpkin recipes in late August or early September, but over the past few years pumpkin craze has been a little insane in the grocery store so I decided to hold off. Sorry, but I do not want pumpkin pringles, pumpkin frosting, pumpkin coffee creamer or pumpkin spice infused hair products.

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Mom’s authentic Puerto Rican Rice and Beans with savory homemade sofrito and sazon! You’ll love this incredibly flavorful, comforting homemade meal that will fill your home with unbelievably delicious smells. The perfect recipe to serve a crowd or just savor leftovers for a few days!

OHHHH hi! I’ve been teasing this beautiful recipe for a while now on Instagram stories and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share one of my favorite comfort foods in the entire world: my mom’s Puerto Rican Rice and Beans.

As many of you know, my mom is full Puerto Rican, as are my grandparents. My childhood dinner’s were often full of hispanic cuisine — often empanadas, rice and beans, tostones, pazole and ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE. More recently, I’ve connected with recipes that are from my heritage and started cooking from the soul again. Personally, it feels incredibly rewarding when Puerto Rican soul food fills my home with it’s intoxicating, aromatic spices.

And even if you aren’t Puerto Rican, why not try something new?! We could all use a good dose of global inspired creativity and cooking in our lives. These rice and beans are the perfect way to start.

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Spicy Roasted Chickpeas with a slight tang from Colman’s Dry Mustard and a kick from cayenne pepper. You’re going to love this protein-packed on-the-go snack.

You know what’s extremely essential for everyday life? SNACKS. There’s absolutely nothing that makes me happier than a 3pm nourishing snack that kicks hunger’s booty goodbye.

I love wandering into the kitchen for cup of coffee with a little almond milk, and a favorite snack. Most of the time I’m a sweet girl, but give me something a little crunchy, salty and crispy and I will bow down to the snack gods.

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Sweet potato zoodle bowls with saucy turmeric coconut milk sauce and a hint of peanut flavor. The sauce is SO amazing you’ll want to lick the bowl clean!

Well it’s officially the end of zucchini week. Abra and I really had a delicious week here baking with green things and spiralizing our hearts out and we hope you loved it too. I also had a wedding freakout about how expensive things are getting.

Everyone says it’s going to be perfect come the day of, but whoa. What the hell? This shit is crazy. Tony and I have this amazing, beautiful life together and can have it without a giant party. In fact this giant party of a wedding is just causing me a ridiculous amount of stress. I 100% understand why people hire wedding planners now. I’m going out of my damn mind.

Ok, moving on. Hah.

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Tofu, Cauliflower, sweet potatoes, bell pepper, garlic, turmeric, ginger and simmer in in this coconut curry dish made in partnership with Nasoya Tofu. Vegan and gluten free too!

Over the past year I’ve become OBSESSED with curry flavors. Don’t ask this Puerto Rican girl why, but I think it’s because there is a Thai neighborhood just up the block. The exotic spices are aromatic and wander in and out of the streets. In a way, the smells are inviting me to come in a try something I’ve never had before, which is often what Tony and I try to do when we go out.

Lately it’s been all about that curry life. I love slurping up a big bowl of coconut curry from our local vietnamese restaurant Tank Noodle, or trying a spicy version over rice; not only is it comforting, but I feel like there’s something really healing about a good curry.

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Delicious veggie packed vegan black bean burgers with plenty of spices. I call these the ultimate black bean burger. Top with avocado, onion, tomato and a super addicting garlic tahini sauce!

30 minute THURSDAYS ARE BACK! Are you excited?!

I’m sitting in a cute little juice shop writing this post. The walls are white and the menu is a multi-colored rainbow. It really screams millennial, you know? They even have a smoothie bowl called the ‘Fruity Pebbowl’. It has something called blue magik in it.

WHAT THE HELL IS BLUE MAGIK?! Sounds cool, but honestly, what is it? Hold on a second while I go ask.

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