Extraordinary Foods from Chile

Produce from Chile is in season when the US isn’t, plus their agriculture and climate allows them to export some of the finest quality food.

Blueberries in a container

During mid-winter have you ever craved juicy sweet strawberries, bright red raspberries or those blueberries that just burst in your mouth? I think it’s evident by my recipes that I do. I absolutely love enjoying fresh flavorful produce year-round!

My parents raised me to embrace the freshest fruits and vegetables. They also taught me how to be conscious of where my food was coming from; that’s why I love enjoying local in-season fruits and veggies whenever possible. However, when I’m working on a recipe during the holidays, or even if I’m just craving fresh strawberry shortcake or my lemon blueberry quinoa pancakes mid-winter, I’m thankful to be able to find produce from Chile that I can put to good use. I recently stumbled upon the fruits and vegetables that are exported by this absolutely breathtaking country and was utterly impressed with both the flavor and freshness. Recently, I even made my famous apple crisp with some of their apples. It was truly divine.

A unique characteristic of Chile is that their produce is in season when the United States isn’t, plus their richly unique agriculture and nearly perfect climate allows them to export some of the finest quality produce in a safe and sustainable manner. The Chilean geography is a diverse one too, and perhaps is why they’re able to export delectable wine, olive oil, almonds, seafood and much more! It ranges from mountains to rain forests to even deserts; this offers the perfect climate for a wide variety of food to grow.

Oh and Chilean people certainly love their food too! This month Foods from Chile is hosting a blogger contest which offers the opportunity to visit Mercado Central in Santiago, a world-renowned food market, and also other cultural heritage sites. Of course I had to enter, and could not be more excited to be sharing the country’s culture and delicious food with all of you!

So remember next time you’re at the store, look for delicious foods from Chile!

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