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Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I haven’t traveled in a few weeks and it feels weird, but it’s nice to be able to unpack my suitcase for once! This weekend I have a fun dinner planned, along with a Super Bowl party. I’m also dying to make my favorite pancakes with bits of chopped dark chocolate. I’ve been collecting recipes on my pancake pinterest board too just to reiterate to the world that I love breakfast.

Anyway let’s get into Friday favorites!


  • Doesn’t this la paloma cocktail look incredibly refreshing to serve during the Super Bowl?


  • Dying to see Warm Bodies…please tell me I’m not the only one?


  • Thinking about what to get your man for Valentine’s Day? Check out this incredibly awesome dude gift basket aka the Broquet.



  • An article on how to see the barrier to reaching your goals (one of my favorite career blogs).


  • Take a peek at this girl’s stunning photography. Shout-out!



  • These make make me wish I ate hot dogs. I’m being serious!


  • If you’re a guy, this perfume is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend.*


  • Here are the glasses I’m wearing in my photo. I love them!


  • This memoiris incredible, shocking, sad, funny, and memorable.*




Have a great weekend! xo


*contains Amazon affiliate links



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