Happy Weekend: 12 Sweet Links

Links I’m loving as of July 2013 – favorite yoga pose, what I’m reading, recipes, and more.

quote on a piece of paper

Happy Friday! The photo above is a quote I picked out during my yoga challenge that inspires me! Of course I’m still doing the challenge but I decided that doing it everyday wasn’t necessary for me. 5x a week is enough (with some double days)! The point of the challenge was really to complete 35 classes within 6 weeks and there are still a few more weeks to go.

Hmmm what else? Yesterday I ran 5 miles with my friend. My legs were heavy, but we kept a 9 min mile pace, which isn’t too horrible. I have to admit that sometimes I just need a good run to clear my head. I especially enjoy running with a friend because I’m extremely competitive when it comes to fitness, so I end up pushing myself. Do you prefer to workout by yourself or with a friend?

Oops! I just realized that I have yet to post a yoga challenge recap. I’m sorry! I promise to do one soon. I have lots to share. Wanna know what my biggest accomplishment this past week was? Packing my lunch every single day! I think I saved about $30!

Anyway I have a fun weekend ahead of me — I’ll be babysitting the kids I used to nanny for when I was in college. They’re the sweetest and I cannot wait to bake their favorite banana bread or monster cookies with them!

Now on to the good stuff… my weekly favorites! Here they are:

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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