Happy Weekend, Happy Summer.

Links I’m loving as of July 2013: how I wear my hair for yoga, DIY beach wave spray, healthy snack recipes, an at home workout, and more.

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Hi! Another week of Summer is fading away, so let’s enjoy the sunshine as much as possible. It’s going by way too fast.

I have to tell you that I’ve REALLY had the urge to bake. I don’t care if it’s Summer and hot. I want to turn on my oven and bake a thousand cookies. In fact, I have a list on my iPhone including some pretty ridiculously good recipes but I am trying my best to resist for I fear that I will eat EVERY single thing. Yep, stress baking at it’s finest! But we haven’t had a cookie recipe in a while so I need to debate on that a bit. Other than that I’m hoping to do a little boating and catch a movie. I’ve also been craving a long run with Jay-Z blasting in my ears.

An update on the yoga challenge: This week has been really wonderful! I’ve been to the studio every day even if I was tired (and this week I was VERY tired). Sometimes I have to convince myself to go, but after every class I feel incredible and powerful. I’m even starting to notice changes in my body and it’s only been a week. There will be a week 1 recap including food and calories soon!

Anyway let’s get to the good stuff. Food stuff. Beauty stuff. Majorly awesome links:

Enjoy your summer weekend! xo

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