OH MY GOODNESS! Today is the day! The HealthyGlow.Co website is finally live and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve created! CHEERS.

If this is the first time you’re hearing me talk about our new site, then you’re in for a treat!


Healthy Glow Collective Launch Video from Healthy Glow Co. on Vimeo.

The HealthyGlow.Co was created by myself and Lee of Fit Foodie Finds. Lee and I met back in 2013 in Minnesota (where I’m from) over the internet. We would walk around the lake together every so often and chat about our blogs, dreams and passions. Over a few months we quickly realized that we had a lot more in common than we originally thought.

During college, Lee and I both had struggled with eating disorders and body image issues. We were able to acknowledge that many women struggle in silence while trying to find a balance between fitness, food and health. If you’ve read any of my Wellness Wednesday posts, then this isn’t anything new to you.

I personally struggled for a long time while trying to recover from anorexia and binge eating post-college. I could never find what was right for my body and went from over-exercising to overeating constantly. It was terrifying and admittedly consumed my life for most of my early twenties. Does this sound familiar?

What I didn’t realize at the time was that there were so many other women out there sharing my struggles! In the moment, I remember feeling helpless and guilty. I wanted to just live my life without having to worry about what I was going to eat next or when to fit in a workout.

Often times, I found myself following ridiculous fitness and nutrition programs I found in magazines, only to feel hungry and unsatisfied after just a few days. It seemed like I could never find a program that was sustainable enough to make room for life. Yes, LIFE!

You know because sometimes life happens and you might just have to go to party where all they serve is buffalo wings and cake.

I didn’t realize that it would be okay to eat all food and still have a balance. I didn’t know how to have indulgent foods without feeling guilty for days, or without hitting the gym for an extra hour just to burn off what I consumed.

That was until I stopped worrying about everything and just starting LIVING. It took me a long time to find a healthy balance between workouts, meals, going out to eat and having a glass of wine or dessert. But after practicing balance between meal planning, indulging and making room for some serious fun in my life, I feel incredible, fit and confident with who I am.

Over the past year I finally found balance in my life and couldn’t be happier, which is why I wanted to help create a program to help women find a balance in their lives without being consumed by food or fitness.

Let’s make 2017 the year of LIVING!

The Healthy Glow Collective

The Healthy Glow Collective (or HealthyGlow.Co) was born out of a love and passion for helping other women to develop a trusting relationship with their bodies and connect with like-minded people over shared experiences. We want women like us to find joy in both food and fitness again by encouraging a balanced approach free from guilt or restriction. 

Lee and I both LOVE working out and have an undying love for real, wholesome good food. We also both LOVE dessert and treating yourself. While our personalities are very different, we are rooted and connected in our similar passions, which is why the Healthy Glow Co & Healthy Glow Guide are basically like our love child.

We focus on what to add to your life rather than take away. 

In doing so, we’ve created a signature program, The Healthy Glow Guide, to help you glow with confidence from the inside out. It’s a program you can fit in anywhere and actually see and feel the results. No more boring baked chicken and broccoli either — you’ll be eating everything from enchiladas to chocolate chip muffins! If you love my recipes, then YOU WILL LOVE THIS PROGRAM.

What’s the Healthy Glow Guide?

The Healthy Glow Guide is a 6-week balanced food and fitness plan dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to feel and look incredible. We’ve created a plan that’s both flexible and convenient for your lifestyle while improving your mindset and overall relationship with food and exercise. The strategies we outline in our signature Healthy Glow Guide are exactly what have worked for us to make healthy living a reality without it being all-consuming.


  • 6 weeks of deliciously satisfying, nutritionally balanced meal plans (with daily treats!). 
  • Weekly grocery list organized by recipe
  • 16, 30-minute workouts and weekly workout schedule
  • All content developed in partnership with a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer
  • Video demonstrations of each move
  • Photo demonstrations of each move that can be saved to your phone and taken with you
  • Private Facebook group to connect with our team and other women completing the program


1.) 6 weeks of meal plans & workouts: Introductory info on how to use the Guide as well as comprehensive meal plans, grocery lists organized by recipe, and workouts organized by week.

2) Recipes and Nutrition Appendix: 85 recipes corresponding to each item in the meal plan and a complete breakdown of nutrition information by recipe. We’re excited to share that the majority of our recipes are naturally gluten-free, and have included icons to help you identify gluten-free and dairy-free recipes to suit your tastes and preferences.

3) Exercise Library: Step-by-step breakdown of all exercises featured in the weekly workouts for those who need more detailed instruction.

We designed it this way so it’s easier to pick and choose which resources you want to print or download and take with you! 

The Healthy Glow Guide is available for purchase for $64!


In celebration of our launch, we’re including some pretty amazing bonuses for anyone who purchases the Healthy Glow Guide by January 7th.

1) 4 bonus bodyweight workouts, including yoga, to add into the rotation.

2) A full video library of all 18 workouts in the Healthy Glow Guide, as well as the bonus workouts.

These will only be available for FREE until January 7th, so grab a copy of the Healthy Glow Guide today! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY!

In celebration of our launch, we’re inviting you and the rest of our community to go through all six weeks of the program together as a group starting January 8th in our private Facebook group. Make sure you join so you have access to all of the prep tools we’ll be sharing.

A big part of what makes the Healthy Glow Collective so special is being able to bring together all of the fabulous women we’ve come to know over the past several years as healthy lifestyle bloggers. We encourage you to connect with and show support for others who are doing the program by following and using the hashtags #healthyglowguide and #HGCcommunity.

We’d love to see your journey as you work your way through the Healthy Glow Guide! Show us the recipes you’re making, the workouts you’re doing and the friends who are completing it with you. We’re big believers in celebrating so much more than physical transformations, and that’s a philosophy we hope you’ll be proud to share on social media and in our Facebook group, too! We’ll be right there alongside you, cheering you on every step of the way.

We know you’re absolutely going to love what we have in store for you – the deliciously satisfying food, the creative, diverse fitness routines and the friendships you’ll form along the way.

Don’t forget to follow HealthyGlow.Co on Facebook and Instagram! And if you’d like to be apart of our community, don’t forget to join our private Facebook group!