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collage of healthy kitchen essentials

The Ultimate List of Healthy Kitchen Essentials

A well-stocked kitchen is key for creating sustainable, healthy habits! These 20 healthy kitchen essentials are perfect for cooking, meal-prepping, and keeping your kitchen organized all week long. 

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collage of healthy kitchen essentials

Hello hello and welcome to my kitchen! I’ve been getting tons of questions on Instagram about my favorite kitchen gadgets and the things that I use in my kitchen every day. I personally try to keep my kitchen as minimalist as possible in terms of “stuff,” because I live in a big city with minimal pantry space + I like to stay as organized as possible.

When you’re cooking & baking 4-5x per week, choosing some go-to, sustainable products is essential. That’s why I chose each of these 20 healthy kitchen essentials — many of which I use on a daily basis.

Whether you’re looking for some meal-prep companions, need some all-natural cleaners, or are just starting to build out your kitchen tools, start with this list and get ready to master your kitchen. Enjoy, xo!

1. Cast Iron Skillet: I probably use my cast iron skillet 4+ times per week because these one pan meals are my go-to’s. Add everything to your skillet, let it simmer away, and you’ve got dinner for the family or delicious leftovers.

2. Inspiralizer: one of the best ways to change up your veggie game – spiralize them! Grab some zucchini and start with this recipe, and then try out a sweet potato with this one.

3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle: a super easy and fun way to stay hydrated throughout the day. I love infusing my water with fresh lemon and a bit of mint.

4. Stasher Bags: skip the plastic zip-loc baggies and use these environmentally-friendly bags for leftover produce, makeup, or on-the-go snacks! They come in a variety of sizes and colors for everything you need. Use the code ‘AMBITIOUS’ to get 15% off of your order!

5. Knife Set: a good knife set = key to whipping up your favorite recipes. No need to get too fancy, just start with a basic set like this one and keep them sharp.

6. Meat Thermometer: super helpful when you’re cooking a meat you’ve never tried before, different sized portions, and generally practicing good food safety!

7. All-Natural Dishwasher Liquid: I’m all about going natural for my beauty & cleaning products – this is a great option for getting those dishes clean in a natural way (plus it smells amazing).

8. Mason Jars: love using mason jars for everything from storing dry ingredients, meal prepping salads like these, and even mixing up fun cocktails like this one!

9. Food Processor: homemade nut butters, no bake cookies and bars (my favs here) the options are truly endless with a food processor. I use mine all the time.

10. Salad Bowl Chopper: this is such a fun one for both rinsing your lettuce + veggies and making an epic chopped salad. The spaces make it easy and safe to chop right through for salads like this one!

11. Slow Cooker: the ultimate dinner timesaver that I use all year round. If you haven’t jumped on the slow cooker train yet, now’s your chance! You can make delicious meals for the week like all of these.

12. Meal Prep Containers: love these both for storage and on-the-go lunches and even breakfast. They’re perfect for work and sending with the kiddos for school, too. Prep this protein-packed lunch with these, or easily separate your meals with these containers!

13. Instant Pot: honestly I still need to jump on the IP train because this thing is magic. Make rice, hardboiled eggs, chilis and soups at the touch of a button with this baby.

14. Weck Jars: these cute jars are my fav for prepping overnight oats, food storage, and serving these cute little desserts!

15. Rebel Green Countertop Spray: this stuff is a lifesaver for me, especially on recipe days (hello, countertop explosion). It smells great and is a great all-natural, multi-purpose spray to use throughout your home.

16. Salad Dressing Mixer: Make super easy salad dressings like these and bring them to work for quick, easy lunches. Just pour your ingredients, shake ’em up, and you’re out the door.

17. Ninja Blender: because smoothies, of course! But actually this blender is incredible for sauces (cashew cheese sauce YES) soups , smoothies (love this one) and even quick pancake batter. Plus it comes with a single-serve cup for an easy breakfast or post-workout snack.

18. Tea Kettle: who doesn’t love a warm cup of your favorite tea before bed? A cute tea kettle = the perfect companion for your nighttime routine.

19. Sonder LA Winsome Cutting Board: I got this gorgeous cutting + serving board from Sonder Los Angeles this summer and I’m obsessed. It’s beautifully crafted and great for making an epic cheese board or everyday chopping. Use the code ‘ambitiouskitchen15’ to get 15% off!

20. Cute Measuring Cups: because baking is just more fun with some cute little measuring cups. Love these!

What are your favorite, must-have kitchen essentials? Leave a comment below and let me know! xo.

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