hi guys!

For the next few weeks things are going to be a little more quiet than usual on Ambitious Kitchen. We’re gearing up for the new site launch, which basically means everything needs to be re-categorized so that you can easily find recipes.

I’m SO freaking excited, but also feeling real exhausted.

In the meantime, I’m leaving you with our beautiful wedding video done by my good friend Aaron Bean. He does both video + photo so check him out! I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into our special day.

Watch the video:

P.S. no more wedding things after this, I promise.

have a lovely weekend!


Happy Sunday, and happy Easter if you’re celebrating! I hope you guys loved #AKMuffinWeek this week, and are sharing muffins with your family this weekend. We’re celebrating Easter with Tony’s family, which means I got to make all of my favorite recipes (empanadas + rice & beans aka happiness). I’ve also been planning recipes for you guys this month, and had to kick it off with some of my favorite seasonal recipes to make in April.

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Wholesome, healthy bran muffins inspired by my Grandma! These muffins are made with whole grains, blackstrap molasses and applesauce; they’re the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack and are freezer friendly. Read more.


Easy like Sunday morning – that’s how I feel about these go-to healthy Easter recipes. This might just be my favorite Round Up Sunday yet because it’s perfect for kicking off spring and has some of my absolute favorite recipes in it. Whether or not you celebrate Easter, here’s a fun excuse to celebrate with brunch, veggies and baked treats!

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