Ahhh Wellness Wednesday, my favorite!

So today I wanted to bring up a topic that seems to be everywhere: clean eating! I thought I would share with you my clean eating journey, how I stay balanced and what clean eating means to me these days.

To me, Ambitious Kitchen is a clean-eating focused food blog. Although I do have many baked goodies, many of them are healthy, better for you versions of my favorite treats. Some favorites include these banana chocolate chip muffins, the dark chocolate raspberry oatmeal cookies and even these ridiculously delicious chickpea blondies. Over the past few years, I’ve started baking with more unrefined sweeteners and focusing more on the actual nutritional value of the recipe, versus just the calories. This helped Ambitious Kitchen be what it is today and above all, I hope it inspires you to eat better, learn a little about food, get creative and have a balanced, healthy relationship with food.

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