It’s been entirely too long since I’ve done my last Stitch Fix post. No seriously, close to a year. Whhhhatttttt. Did you know I’m actually on fix #26? I just suck at doing reviews.

Anyway I’ve decided to get back to sharing my favorite pieces and what I decided to send back to the Stitch Fix HQ. The best part? If you see something you like you can request it in your next fix, just pin the image and it should have the name of the clothing article!

Also, just to be clear. I have no idea what I’m doing in these pictures. Don’t mind me looking like a complete idiot. I’m not a fashion blogger for a reason ha!

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Happy Friday! I want to introduce you to someone very special. Meet Jessie of Wool and Whiskey.

I went to college with Jessie; she always had the brightest smile and her love of travel was well-known. In fact, we both studied abroad in Australia! Today, Jessie spends her time making the most beautiful, cozy hand knit scarves! I LOVE her scarves because they’re high quality, incredibly warm, and gorgeous!

More about Jessie: She first started knitting while living and teaching in South Korea. After returning to Minnesota, she continued her love for knitting by making big, cozy scarves for herself to keep warm during the chilly winters. After a few days of wearing her own hand knit scarf, Jessie began receiving compliments. The rest is history; Jessie started an Etsy shop and named it Wool and Whiskey, not only because the name has a nice ring to it but also because both seem to keep one warm on those below zero days!

Here are some more photos of her scarves:

image courtesy: Wool & Whiskey

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photo (96)

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! I was in San Francisco last week at YouTube/Google for work and enjoyed some pretty delicious food and fun.

Best of all before I left for my trip, my latest Stitch Fix came in the mail. It feels likes Christmas every time I get a package! This time I kept 3 out of the 5 items they sent. You can read about why I love Stitch Fix so much here.

I was getting excited for Fall so I requested classic sweaters and told them to head to my Pinterest style board for inspiration on what types of pieces to send. I recieved a short black sweater (pictured above), and paired it with a bright, bold teal necklace that came in one of my previous fixes. Cute, huh?

photo (97)

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