Healthy breakfast burritos stuffed with sweet potatoes, black beans, egg whites, and avocado. You’re going to love this protein-packed breakfast! 

Healthy Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos

When I was younger, my mom used to make me the best burritos. All she did was place refried beans, cheese, and hot sauce inside of a wheat tortilla. She’d warm them up until the cheese was perfectly melted, warm and gooey. The creamy texture of the refried beans with the melty cheese was always my favorite kind of comfort food; so simple, yet so dang good. We’d happily enjoy our giant burritos together on the couch while watching movies.

I remember noticing she would always eat her burritos with avocado slices that were sprinkled with salt and pepper. Sure enough, it didn’t take me long to get hooked on that. The creaminess of the avocado mixed with cheese and beans? Well, it was perfection.

Those memories came back to me, and I decided to make these. A simple, healthy twist on an old favorite made especially for the mornings. They’re packed with protein, super delicious, and will certainly keep you energized through the morning.

Healthy Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos

These breakfast burritos happen to include most of my favorite things:

Sweet potatoes. I eat them almost everyday so here’s another way to get their deliciously sweet flavor in.

Black beans. Name a better bean. Oh wait, you probably can’t.

Avocados! Creamy. Full of healthy fats. Just heavenly.

Eggs. Gotta get that protein in. I used egg whites in this recipe but you do your thing!

Enchilada sauce. Drizzle it on baby.

Cheese. Just a little bit of ooey-gooeyness. We need the melt, yo.

Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas. I always use La Tortilla Factory but regular whole wheat tortillas will also work great.

Healthy Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Avocado Breakfast Burritos

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