The Yoga Challenge

Introducing The Yoga Challenge: what it’s all about, what I’ll be sharing, and what yoga has meant to me.

The Yoga Challenge

Let me tell you about this guy I used to date.

He was nice, fun and quite interesting. Adventurous, too! Unfortunately, he was also incredibly challenging. Quite frankly, he annoyed me quite a bit… but in that good sort of way. Does that make sense?

Anyway no hard feelings there. The point I’m getting across is that my relationship with him is quite comparable to my relationship with yoga.

It’s challenging, yet rewarding. Both fun and difficult all at the same time. Most of all it’s something to experience. Because who are we, if not for our experiences?

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 3 years and find it to be one of the most rewarding workouts. Not to be a complete hippie, but it’s really taught me a lot about myself, reduced my stress, and kept me happy during tough times. Obviously better than any boyfriend thus far.

So, what’s this yoga challenge about?

My yoga studio offers several different types of yoga classes, all in a heated environment. They recently posted a yoga challenge called Mount Everest, and I was immediately curious. The goal of the challenge is to yoga every day for the next 6 weeks. Whoever reaches 35 classes first wins! You can also double up on your classes; I’ll probably do that two times a week.

I wanted to share this all with you and document my experience, and also perhaps offer a little inspiration and encouragement along my journey.

Here’s what I’ll be sharing:

  • Calories burned: I just purchased a heart rate monitor off of Amazon, so as soon as it arrives in the mail, I’ll be wearing it to all of my classes to help document how many calories I’ve burned.
  • Food: I don’t plan on posting what I’m eating all the time, but instead include some photos of my meals in weekly recaps. For the next month, I’m giving up alcohol, peanut butter, and most wheat. I’ll be sticking to a high protein diet, healthy gluten free grains, and avoiding anything processed. I’ll also be switching to organic fruits and veggies. It’s a good thing I’ve been saving up recipes to post!
  • Weight loss: I’ll track weekly any weight loss along with how I’m feeling or if I’m noticing any changes in my body or emotions.
  • Recaps of favorite work outs: I’m not going to be jotting down my moves while in class, but I might share a fun move or how many sit-ups I did, etc.

I’m curious, what has your fitness experience been? Have you tried yoga?

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Have a wonderful 4th of July! xo

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