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Now that it’s the weekend, I give you full permission to indulge in frozen yogurt with a million toppings. It’s not like you needed my permission or anything; I’m just letting you know it’s a really good idea.

I have A LOT of things to do this weekend and I need to start now! I’m heading to Chicago Monday for a few days plus I’m really hoping to have the new blog design finished within the next month so I’ll be working away. Of course, I’ll be drinking a GREEN margarita at some point.

Anyway I’ll leave you with my favorites from the past week:


  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this Irish inspired bread.



  • Rice Krispie treats made with Lucky Charms!


  • Five people you’ll fall in love with.


  • Gorgeous carrot cake with one of my favorite frostings in the freaking world.


  • Check out what Whole Foods just announced about labeling foods.


  • Google Reader is dead as of July 1st; learn how to switch to BlogLovin’ here and then follow Ambitious Kitchen!



  • How do you top your bagel?


  • If you’re a fellow yogi, you’ll love these inversions (& get ready to pin away)!


  • 3-ingredient girl scout cookies for the weekend.


  • Dying to bake these cupcakes for my Godkids and then secretly lick the frosting bowl clean. Come on, you would too!


Have a lucky weekend! xo