French fries have gotten me through some pretty tough moments in life.

That includes last weekend’s St. Patrick’s hangover. Okay… probably the year before that too. I’m actually nibbling on them as I write this post and procrastinate in packing for a trip tomorrow. Fries seem to be total problem solvers! They fix my late night hunger crisis all the time. Sometimes I count them as suitable vegetables. I think I’ve even dipped my fries in every sauce around. Thank goodness because if fries didn’t exist I’d probably just eat spoonfuls of ketchup. Embarrassing, but true.

Seriously who cares if fries aren’t the healthiest if they are just plain delicious? Some of us (me) can’t be vegan and eat pretty salads all the time. I’ve got to indulge a little; if that means eating sweet potato fries for breakfast, I’m totally down! Lucky for me I’m apart of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program where I occasionally get to sample products. Alexia foods kindly sent me a coupon for french fries. 

Eating french fries for free? Yes please. 

I chose the Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries. It was evident that this was a good choice because I ate half the bag. Seriously they’re good. They’ve got a slight chipoltle flavor and quite frankly I enjoyed staring at how pretty and orange they were. If Whole Foods would have had the Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, I totally would have been all over those. Waffle fries are especially good for dipping.

Are you fry particular? There are so many to choose from! Steak Fries. Waffle fries. Curly fries. State fair grease fries. Seasoned fries. Shoestring fries. Crinkle fries. Homefries. McDonald’s fries. Chili Cheese heart attack fries.

Too many fries to think about. Let’s not be particular! No questions. Just appreciate fries for their individuality and eat them all. I’m assuming you’re cool with that?

If you’re an avid fry lover like me, you know that all fries must be dipped in some delectable sauce. Last fall I made Spicy Sweet Potato Fries and dipped them in blueberry ketchup. Heaven in my belly.

Are you curious to try some other sauces and dips?  Here are my five favorite recipes for dipping fries in:

  1. Seasoned sour cream
  2. Homemade spicy ketchup
  3. Siracha mayo
  4. Homemade honey BBQ sauce
  5. Garlic aioli dipping sauce

Some of you probably dip your fries in your Wendy’s Frosty. This is completely acceptable and rather awesome. Since I haven’t found a frosty recipe, you simply will have to drive there yourself for your dipping choice.

In the meantime, I dare you to try a new sauce. While you’re dipping and inhaling your fries, check out Alexia Foods Facebook Page and vote for their next french fry flavor! 

Now, I’ve got to get packing. Let’s chat soon!