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It’s another Friday and thank goodness for that because I’m sitting here with my Key Lime 100 Calorie Yoplait yogurt wishing it would somehow transform itself into actual frozen yogurt and still be low calorie. Maybe I should put it in the freezer? Forget it, I am too impatient to wait and it is magical enough by itself. I guess Fridays can be a little rough but that’s what happy hours are for, right?

Now the last time I had my weekly favorites I asked you if you’d like to see a weekly post about my healthy living tips, and a lot of you seemed interested. Therefore, I’ll work on gathering up some fun ideas! Feel free to pass any along that you’d like to see.

Hmmmm what else? Well I’m still in the midst of figuring out my blog design and had sort of put it aside while on vacation, but hopefully you’ll see a much cleaner version of Ambitious Kitchen within the next month or so! My goal is to bring you something much easier to navigate and less cluttered in general.


Okay, okay, okay! Let’s get on to my weekly favorites:




  • My favorite Food Processor (and yes, you really need one — it makes life easier).*


  • The most beautiful salad ever.



  • Make this pasta for your boyfriend.


  • Protein dark chocolate chunk cookies!



  • Ummm seriously this cake. I die!


  • Tortilla soup with a vegetarian twist.


  • Juice that will make you dream of summer.



Have an amazing weekend! Drink a margarita for me.



*contains Amazon affiliate links