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Monique with a cupcake

Welcome to Ambitious Kitchen 2.0!

Welcome to a brand new redesign of Ambitious Kitchen! I’ve updated categories and ways that recipes are organized on the website. Enjoy!

Monique holding a cupcake

My goodness, I am SO happy you’re here! Welcome to the brand new redesign of Ambitious Kitchen.

For nearly three years, Ambitious Kitchen has been my true passion; a place where I come to write, get creative, share inspiration, ups and downs, and some really freaking delicious recipes. Thank you for being here. I SO appreciate your readership, comments, pins, shares, likes, and LOVE. You inspire me more than you know.

I hope you’ll find the new site inspiring, easier to navigate, and FUN.

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So, what’s new on the site?

  • Recipe page:  Yes, there is finally a visual recipe index! You’ll be able to sort by certain categories including gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and vegan. My goal was to make this site easy to navigate and find the recipes that fit your lifestyle. Unfortunately not all recipes are updated on on the recipe page yet, but I’ll be working on this during the next week.
  • Favorite Things: This is a new category devoted to my weekly favorites, giveaways, and things that inspire me. I hope to update it more regularly. You can think of this as a sneak peek into my life.
  • Travel: Here you’ll find posts and recaps from my travel adventures.
  • Videos: I’m starting a video section of Ambitious Kitchen! Here you’ll find how to videos, baking and cooking tips, and me being weird.
  • Healthy Living: Being a healthy food blogger, I also have a passion for fitness and nutrition. Thus, I want to be able to share my tips, inspiration, workouts and more in this section of the site. Throughout the summer, I’ll be focusing on building this out more.
  • Recipe Box: This is a place where you’ll be able to save your recipes, easily create and manage your shopping list, and print or email your grocery lists to make trips to the store easier. I’m hoping to create a tutorial on how this works soon because it’s awesome! Also, we’ll get that portion of the site updated soon.
  • Sweets Under 200 and Meals under 400: These two categories are my favorites! In each appropriate category, you’ll be able to find healthy or lightened up sweets for under 200 calories and also healthy meals under 400 calories.

Monique and her mom

A few notes:

You’ll notice that few new categories on the recipe page are empty. I’m still working through categorizing all of my recipes, so some may be missing but I’ll be getting those updated and added within the next week. Also, try searching for the recipe you are seeking in the search bar up top.

If we start experiencing site issues, the blog may come up and down for the next few days.

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It is your passion that empowers you to be able to do that thing you were created to do.

Thanks for being here, please take some time to explore the site today and leave a comment to let me know what you think of the new redesign.

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