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shredded chicken in a bowl with two forks

How to Shred Chicken (four easy ways!)

The best easy methods for shredding cooked chicken! In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to shred chicken so that you can use it in tons of different recipes. Save time and money with these four simple methods.

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Cuisine American
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4 servings
Author Monique Volz of AmbitiousKitchen.com


  • 1 pound cooked chicken* (see notes on the methods in the blog post above for using chicken breast & thighs versus bone-in chicken)


  1. Using your hands: after you’ve cooked your chicken, be sure it’s cool enough to handle with your hands (but still warm) before shredding. Place your chicken on a clean surface like a cutting board or plate. Use your hands to pull the chicken breast apart into even pieces until the chicken is shredded into desired sized pieces.

  2. With two forks: take your warm, cooked chicken breast and place it on a sturdy cutting board. Place two forks at the center of the breast and pull the chicken apart into pieces. Continue with step 2 and shred the chicken into smaller and smaller pieces until you have the desired sized shreds.

  3. With a hand mixer: place your cooked chicken breast or thighs in a deep bowl. Use a hand mixer on low speed to carefully break apart the chicken into shreds. You may need to shred larger pieces apart as you go to get nice, even shreds of chicken.

  4. With a stand mixer: Place your cooked chicken in the bowl of a stand mixer. Use the paddle attachment, turn the stand mixer on low, and let the stand mixer shred all of your chicken breast or thighs. This should only take around 15-20 seconds.

Recipe Notes

Please read the full post to see notes on using these methods for chicken breast & thighs versus bone-in chicken.