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I’m SO excited to share these 5 Days of Plant-Based Eating with you!

Whether you’re looking for more Meatless Monday ideas, follow a vegan diet, or just want to get some more veggies in during the week, you came to the right place. In this no-fuss series, we’re focusing on food that primarily comes from plants like fruits & veggies (of course), seeds and nuts, whole grains and non-meat proteins.

Many people who follow a “plant-based” diet do so flexibly, and will occasionally mix in some animal products like meat & dairy. So feel free to make these recipes work for you and incorporate them however you’d like!

roasted sweet potato kale salad in a bowl with avocado

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  • You’ll get more beautiful veggies & leafy greens on your plate without even thinking about it.
  • These recipes are budget-friendly! Plant-based proteins and ingredients can be much cheaper than animal products.
  • They’re a great way to increase your fiber, heart-healthy fats, anti-inflammatories & vitamin intake.
  • It’s fun! I promise you’ll find delicious, creative recipes here that you’ll love.

In this email series, I’ll be sharing fully vegan recipes with you that you can turn to time and time again whenever you’re looking for a veggie boost.

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