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Ambitious Kitchen

125 Ridiculously Good For You, Sometimes Indulgent, And Absolutely Never Boring Recipes For Every Meal Of The Day. You’ll find mostly brand NEW recipes, plus a handful of AK reader favorites that I created to take the guesswork out of cooking a meal that nourishes your body, fuels your soul, and helps you live your most ambitious life. This truly is a cookbook for everyone.

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Created with your version
of balance and nourishment in mind.

You’re invited to discover your own definition of “ambitious” by loading up on nutrient-dense, flavor-packed recipes and joyfully practicing balance and flexibility in the kitchen.

monique from ambitious kitchen pulling up noodles from a plate
monique from ambitious kitchen frosting a cake

Most recipes include “Make It Your Way” and “Make It Nutrient Dense” tips to customize food to your tastes. As a bonus, most can be made gluten-free and/or dairy-free allowing you to tailor recipes to your own version of health. Above all, these everyday recipes showcase what food can add to, not take away from, your life.

monique from ambitious kitchen holding a muffin

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You’ll find a balanced approach to food, with over 125 comforting, vibrant recipes that are amped up with extra vegetables, protein, and fiber. Many of these recipes celebrate my Puerto Rican heritage – inspired by my mom and grandma who helped shape me into who I am today. Oh, and let’s not forget a few outrageously good, impressive desserts. Get ready for …

black bean enchiladas in a pan

Magical Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas with Creamy Roasted Poblano Jalapeño Sauce

avocado kale grape salad on a platter

Avocado Grape Kale Salad with Peanut-Tahini Dressing

corn jalapeño pasta being lifted up with a fork

Caramelized Corn Brown Butter Pasta with Feta & Jalapeño

scooping mini metballs out of a skillet

scoop ’em up mini pesto turkey meatballs with herb garlic butter toasts

baked chicken tacos on a plate

everyone’s favorite baked chicken tacos (packed with veggies!)

oreo cake on a stand and on a plate

if i’m eating chocolate cake, i’m eating one with cookies and cream espresso cream cheese frosting

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blueberry waffles on a plate
enchilada skillet in a purple pan
burger topped with slaw
black bean soup in a bowl
butternut squash mac and cheese in a pan
monique from ambitious kitchen eating a chicken wing
chicken couscous in a skillet and on a plate
stuffed peppers in a pan and on a plate