The Ambitious Kitchen Cookbook

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I’ve spent hours in my kitchen experimenting and perfecting cookie recipes, and I want to share my secrets to chewy, ooey-gooey, delicious cookies every single time. That’s right, I’m here to help you bake the best cookies of your life. If you’re someone who struggles with baking cookies then my FREE downloadable, printable Ultimate Guide to Cookie Baking is for you! Scroll down for deets, and get baking during AK Cookie Week from 11/27 – 12/10!

pages of a guide to cookie baking

Cookie baking seems simple enough, but I know there are a variety of issues that people run into while baking them:

Why did my cookies spread out?

Help! Mine are burnt on the bottom!

Can I make these gluten free?

I get tons of questions about how to troubleshoot these common problems and essentially “how to bake the perfect cookie,” which is where the idea for this comprehensive cookie baking guide was born!

Celebrate AK Cookie Week

Cookie Week is BACK! From November 27th until December 12th:

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chocolate peanut butter cup s'mores cookies on parchment paper

What you’ll get

In this Ultimate Guide to Cookie Baking you’ll learn:

  • Everything there is to know about different types of flours and sweeteners
  • How to make cookies vegan and gluten free
  • How to accurately measure ingredients
  • Solutions for common cookie baking issues

And so much more! Use this printable guide for holiday cookie baking, and remember to come back to it time and time again whenever the cookie cravings hit. We love seeing what you make from AK so be sure to upload a photo and tag #ambitiouskitchen on social!