Belize is the ultimate mix of adventure, wellness and relaxation. Perfect for honeymooners, girl’s trips, or solo travel — there’s truly something for everyone!

Belize is the ultimate mix of adventure, wellness and relaxation. Perfect for honeymooners, girl's trips, or solo travel -- there's truly something for everyone!

I was recently invited on a trip by the Tourism Board of Belize to Belize, Central America to experience the wellness and culture that the country offered. To be transparent, I was completely unfamiliar with the country of Belize but I immediately said yes to the opportunity. Why? With each travel experience I’m offered through this blog, I always discover something new about myself that I thought I had figured out before. It’s an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and work on the exploration of myself.

Since this trip happened to be solo travel, I knew it would be a great opportunity to get a little uncomfortable. Because after all, the more we push ourselves out of our comfort zones, the more we grow. With every single trip I’ve taken, I always come back more grateful for what I do have and a little more compassion towards others. Something we can all work on, don’t you think?

First, a few FAQs I want to answer. Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments!

Is Belize safe?

I think so! The entire time I was there I felt completely safe. Of course, every country you’re in is going to have unsafe areas but generally Belize is a very safe country. The people are friendly and helpful.

What language is spoken in Belize?

I was surprised to learn that English is the official language. There are other languages spoken, but generally you’ll see and hear English everywhere you go.

What is the best time to travel to Belize?

The best time for travel is generally late November to April during the country’s dry season. I went in February and it was beautiful, didn’t rain much and wasn’t overly hot.

Can you drink the water in Belize?

My recommendation is to drink bottled water. At certain restaurants we did drink the water, but just to be safe, I do recommend drinking bottled or filtered water.


We ate at a few restaurants in the small towns we were in but also at larger restaurants. The traditional food of Belize is rice, beans and stewed chicken. However, you’ll also find amazing fresh seafood and plenty of vegetables from fresh, local gardens.

Things to Do

One of the reasons why I think Belize is great, is because you can choose a mix of adventure and relaxation. Since this was a wellness-focused trip, we mostly focused on restoration and relaxation. However I did speak to the Tourism Board of Belize and spoke with locals, who recommended a few adventures below.


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growing up I was a very cautious child, constantly aware of my surroundings and the decisions I was making. I was timid and quiet in situations that felt uneasy. Mostly just unsure of myself. Still to this day, I’m an observer first. I like to take in my experiences, but overall I’ve learned that not everything in life has to be calculated, perfect, or precise. Sometimes all you have to do is take a chance and stop second guessing yourself and your decisions. trust that you will land where you are meant and need to be, even if it feels a little unsteady. after all, they say you’re not growing if you aren’t a little scared. this year, I’m learning to leap more into my life and leave the fear behind. this is who I am. and damn, it feels beautiful. @travelbelize #travelbelize #belize #acuriousplace

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Belize is still such a young, beautiful and mostly undiscovered part of Central America, making it the absolute perfect place to vacation.

There’s truly something for everyone in Belize; whether you’re in the mood for adventure such as diving or caving or want to relax by lounging by the beach or attending a chocolate making class.

Here are some activities I recommend trying out while you are in Belize:

  • ATM cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal): this Belizean cave is also an archaeological site that includes ceramics, stoneware and apparently even skeletons! This cave is supposed to be one of the best cave adventures in the WORLD. I didn’t do this but desperately want to. If you want to read more about what the experiences is really like, check out this blog post on the ATM cave.
  • Belize Zoo: the Belize zoo is famous for their wide array of wildlife, including birds, big cats, and all the rare tropical creatures that call Central America home.
  • Xunantunich: this is an ancient Mayan archaeological site in western Belize, about ½ mile away from the Guatemala border. This famous site is known for El Castillo, a large temple more than 130 feet tall.
  • Blue Hole National Park: this national park is over 500 acres and contains two caves, hiking trails, and a beautiful blue jungle pool, which was formed by the collapse of an underground cave. If you visit Blue Hole National Park, be sure to do a guided tour through Crystal Cave, where you can enjoy the incredible views of the crystal formations and learn more about the history of the cave system.
  • Ixcacao Chocolate Making Tour: Unfortunately I didn’t get to the tour while in Belize, but I did get to enjoy their amazing chocolate and WOW. It was hands down some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. The coconut was insanely good, and I loved the simple ingredients in each bar — just pure delicious no preservatives added CHOCOLATE! In my opinion, this tour is a must.

  • Horseback riding through the jungle: this was one of my favorite things to do because I love the relationship between animals and nature. It was peaceful to ride on these sweet gentle horses through the jungle. There’s just something special about it!
  • Relax, swim and hike at Blue Rock Falls: these hidden waterfalls tucked into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve offer a beautiful place to relax and swim for the afternoon. My recommendation is to bring snacks and enjoy yourself!
  • Kayaking: we went kayaking on the river near the Naia resort. It was beautiful, hot and an amazing experience. While kayaking we were told that last week they saw a jaguar swimming in the water — proof that you never know what you’ll run into or see! You can kayak pretty much anywhere there’s water in Belize.
  • Snorkeling: I didn’t snorkel on my trip but here’s a link to some of the best places for diving and seeing all the fish your heart desires.

Where to Stay & Relax in Belize:

Ka’ana Resort: Ka’ana Resort is a beautiful boutique stay tucked away resort in the tropical jungle of Western Belize. The rooms are modest and quaint yet the resort was simply stunning, full of tropical plants and very delicious food thanks to their gorgeous two-acre organic garden that produces an abundance of fresh ingredients. You’ll get a dose of adventure, too, thanks to the various tours they offer. Just don’t forget to take a complimentary yoga class during the quiet morning by the pool, tour the organic garden and enjoy a Mayan cooking class in the evening! So much fun and very, very delicious.

Naia Resort: Not only was the Naia resort beautiful and relaxing, but it was also the perfect amount of intimate luxury. You’ll find this resort within a private 200-acre reserve on the Placencia Peninsula. There’s a good mix of relaxation, delicious food, and adventure thanks to their on-site restaurants, AMAZING spa that uses organic products, and of course, the fact that it’s right on the beach.

What to Pack & Bring:

You’ll need a few essential items for Belize like sunscreen, bugspray, hats, sunglasses, shorts, swimsuits, long pants and long sleeve shirts if you’re hiking in the jungle, etc. I also recommend bringing aloe vera & tea tree oil spray in case you get bit or injured, charcoal pills to help with digestion and of course, a probiotic. I also like to travel with wet wipes for when I get sweaty and need a nice underarm wipe, ha! Details on everything below.

Packing essentials:

Fun outfits I wore in Belize:

This post is in partnership with the Tourism Board of Belize. Thanks for supporting AK and all of my travel adventures. I love sharing them with you.