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My Weekend in Nantucket

An incredible weekend in Nantucket with Lorissa’s Kitchen! See all of the delicious eats, gorgeous places we went on the island.

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beach in Nantucket

Throwback to last weekend in Nantucket! Have you ever been?

It’s almost indescribable. The island is lusciously deep green with grey colonial style houses strung along with coastline. At first, it appeared to be a little too picture perfect. Is this a dream?

The answer was no. I did in fact retreat to a small coastal island to spend a spectacular warm weekend with Lorissa’s Kitchen at the Boston Pops event with some of my blogging girlfriends Lee, Liz and Davida.

If you haven’t had the chance to try Lorissa’s Kitchen products yet, you must! They’re SO DANG GOOD, a healthy high-protein snack that’s more tender than traditional jerky. In fact, they’re actually referred to as premium protein snacks. The beef varieties are made from 100% grass fed beef. Current favorite flavors = Ginger Teriyaki and the Korean BBQ.

lorissa's kitchen beef jerky

While our time was limited on the island, Davida, Lee, Liz and I made the most of it starting out in a quaint home with apple trees, an outdoor shower and sunflowers blooming in the backyard. Cute doesn’t even begin to describe the situation.

Friday night we enjoyed dinner and plenty of wine at The White Elephant hotel. In my opinion, the best part of the meal was this incredible goat blackberry cheesecake. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even really enjoy cheesecake all that much.

pouring milk into iced coffee

avocado toast on a plate

Saturday morning we all worked out in the blazing heat before departing to brunch. Yes, I workout when I’m traveling, because it’s become part of my lifestyle and I like to hold myself accountable — especially when I’m eating more than I normally would aka all the sweet treats I can find.

You probably already know this, but anytime I travel to a new destination I seek out the best dessert. This time it was an ice cream shop that was ironically called The Juice Bar. The scent of waffle cones drifted through the air and I knew I needed to experience creamy, dreamy ice cream immediately. 

ice cream cone

My two flavors of choice: cherry chocolate chunk and almond joy. The almond joy was SO ridiculously addicting, with huge chunks of roasted almonds and fresh coconut flakes. Thinking a recreation might be necessary and if you find yourself in Nantucket, I highly recommend it.

monique with three friends

After exploring the city & grabbing cocktails, we got ready and headed to Boston Pops for a cocktail happy hour, followed by dinner & a concert with The Boston Pops Orchestra and Kenny Loggins.

I couldn’t believe how many people were on the island and all in one place. We’re taking over 10,000 people on the beach waving glow sticks in pastel colored pants. It was amazing.

glass of wine on a table

Here are some more highlights from the event. Thanks for being here with me and checking out my adventures.

rug in a shop

monique and a friend eating ice cream cones

monique at a lorissa's kitchen stand

bike in nantucket

monique on the beach in nantucket

My outfits:

Romper from Akira (this one is very similar!)

Dress from Minkpink (they don’t have it on the site anymore)

This post is in partnership with Lorissa’s Kitchen. My travel to Nantucket was covered but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help make this site possible!

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