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Eggs, ham and toast on a plate

An adventure to Sydney, Australia: Days 1 & 2

An amazing couple of days adventuring in Sydney, Australia! Follow along to see all of the sights and food Tony and I enjoyed along the way.

Monique in front of the Sydney Opera House

Hello my loves! First of all, let me tell you that I have missed you all so much. I can’t wait to share recipes with you soon!

As you probably know Tony and I headed to Australia to spend time together and attend one of my best friend’s wedding. I already miss the bright blue water and silky smooth sand on my toes. The smell of the ocean, too.

We took a flight from Chicago to LA, then headed to Sydney. Our travel time was long and draining, but we flew Qantas which I highly recommend! Our flight was fairly comfortable, and we especially loved the service, free snacks, and safety. The inside of the plane was gorgeous, too. What are your favorite airlines?

1888 hotel - Sydney, Australia

When we arrived in Sydney, we checked into the 1888 Hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel and overall we really enjoyed it! Our room was beautiful, bright and clean; everything we could have hoped for.

Hotel lobby

Tony holding up a frame

Monique in a frame

Although we didn’t spend much time at the hotel (we were out exploring the city), I would still recommend staying there as the staff are extremely helpful and the hotel is close to many attractions including the Harbour!

Tony in downtown Sydney

Monique in downtown Sydney

After we got cleaned up post 22-hour flight, we headed straight to the beach! GIVE ME THE SUNSHINE.

We walked through the Harbour all the way to Circular Quay and took a ferry to Manly, a small Northern suburb of Sydney. It’s cute, fun, and a complete beach town.

Manly Beach

Manly Wharf, Australia

Laying out on the beach and jumping into the ocean was the best feeling ever!

Unfortunately, I have to admit that we didn’t put on enough sunscreen and both got burnt.

Monique and Tony on the beach

Manly Beach, Australia

After our day out, we were quite tired so we headed back to the hotel got ready and went out to dinner. For some reason we were both CRAVING  Italian food and our hotel recommended Made in Italy. Actually it didn’t really surprise me that Tony was craving Italian, he could eat that every day.

To start we ordered a bottle of wine and some pretty incredible garlic bread. The bread itself was thick and circular but almost tasted like an english muffin with garlic butter and just the right amount of salt. I’m actually craving it again right now. I think I have a carb addiction.

Okay, moving on… Tony ordered the special pasta which was Fettuccine with Fig & Pork Belly. It was a combination of sweet and savory plus he ate the entire plate so I know he enjoyed it. I settled for traditional spaghetti with marinara, Parmesan, and red pepper flakes. I wish I would have taken pictures but was too busy stuffing my face. Sorry… not sorry.

It was such a great start to our vacation.

Many Beach

DAY 2 of our trip:

Eggs, ham and toast on a plate

On the second day we woke up early and headed straight to the Harbour for breakast. It was quiet, beautiful and a little misty, but we both enjoyed our meals. I do have to say that Australian breads are like no other; they’re thick, chewy, full of grains and seeds! I swear it’s the best bread you will ever have. They also cook their eggs perfectly over easy and each one of our breakfasts came with a small roasted tomato (pictured above). I could eat that breakfast every single day for the rest of my life.

Also I must mention the BACON! It was outrageously flavorful and delicious. Compared to America’s bacon, Australia’s is much thicker, not as crispy, and isn’t cut into strips. Perhaps it’s more like Canadian bacon? I don’t know but it has started my bacon obsession. In fact, I was literally craving meat our entire trip! At one point I looked at Tony and said, “I’m craving beef like a crazy person.” I don’t even eat beef so no idea what was happening there.

Australian coffee

We should also chat about the coffee. The Australians had no idea what brewed coffee was. In fact, they don’t even know what coffee pots are. Or at least none of my friends did. Their coffee is much stronger and the equivalent to a cup of coffee is something called a long black which is basically espresso and water. Yeah, it’s a lot stronger but that didn’t stop us from drinking it.

I think most Australians drink their coffee with milk. They also have incredible lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. If you go to Australia, you MUST try the coffee.

Tony and Monique overlooking the ocean in Sydney

After breakfast we hadn’t decided on our plans yet, but I wanted to get some exercise in so we decided on a hike. Tony found this incredible path on our map that went from the Spit bridge in Sydney to Manly beach. We were both in and excited to explore!

I get really crabby if I don’t eat every few hours so Tony packed lots of snacks, water, and his baseball stuff just in case we found a spot to play catch. We had no idea how to get to Spit bridge but knew we needed to take a bus to get there so down to the bus station we went. We literally jumped on a random bus because Tony ‘had a feeling’ it was the right one and surprisingly it was! The bus drove us fairly close to the bridge and it was an easy mile walk to get to the path.

Sign on a hike in Australia

We snacked on granola bars since we had already walked about 3 miles and got ready to start our trek to Manly.

Tony scaling rocks in Australia

The path was gorgeous. There were stairs, rocks, and secret beaches in between.

There were lots of cute little lizards, too!

Tony on a hike in Australia

After an hour we found a lovely secluded beach. Of course we had to climb down some pretty treacherous rocks to get there but it was so worth it.

Monique kissing Tony on the cheek

Here we are at the beach! We played catch for a while and swam. It was definitely one of my favorite days out of the whole trip.

PS. Excuse my nail polish. I have a bad habit of not removing it immediately when it starts to chip.

Tony in front of the Sydney Opera House

I swear I think we walked at least 18 miles total that day. Our feet were full of blisters and we were exhausted but still had to make one last stop: The Sydney Opera House!

We took a few pictures and decided to head back to rest for a bit before dinner.

Monique and Tony in Sydney

That night we enjoyed a nice dinner at the Meat & Wine Company then went back to our hotel to sleep before our flight to Brisbane in the morning.

I’ll be back with more details of second part of my trip soon! xoxo

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