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Lighthouse in Byron Bay

Adventuring in Byron Bay, Australia: Days 3-6

An incredible few days adventuring in Byron Bay, Australia! Follow along to see all of the sights and food Tony and I enjoyed along the way.

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Lighthouse in Byron Bay

I’m back with some more details about my recent travels to beautiful Australia! You can check out the first part of my trip here.

After a few days exploring Sydney, Tony and I flew into Brisbane. We were planning on spending a few days in a little hippie beach town called Byron Bay (my favorite place ever), so we rented a car. It was a bit of a challenge for Tony to get used to driving on the opposite site of the road and in the opposite side of the car, but he managed.

Right when we got off the plane we met my friend Susie for lunch and cocktails, then we dipped off to Byron Bay.

Sandwich on a plate

Out of all of the places we visited in Australia, Byron Bay was our favorite.

The first night we walked into town and enjoyed a delicious dinner, live music, and drinks. It was relaxing and just what we were craving.

Bacon, eggs, and toast with peanut butter on a plate

The next morning Tony made me a delicious breakfast. I find it so romantic every time he does because he always cooks everything perfectly.

Eggs and bacon cooking on a skillet

Told you guys I was obsessed with their bacon.

After breakfast, we put on our suits and headed out for a hike to the lighthouse.

Tony walking in the forest with a red backpack

It was absolutely breathtaking.

Ocean view in Byron Bay

Tony overlooking the ocean in Byron Bay

By this time, I was very burnt so I had to wear Tony’s hat. I felt like a true Australian!

Monique next to the ocean in Byron Bay

The hike was long but we packed snacks, stopped at a few beaches to swim along the way, and soaked all of the beauty in.

I’m already missing the crystal clear water and warm sunshine.

Ocean view of Byron Bay

That night we went out for a nice meal at St. Elmo, a restaurant that serves Spanish tapas. My favorite dish was the Empanadilla filled with butternut, goat cheese, manchego, and almonds. Completely amazinggggg. I might just need to recreate it.

Monique and Tony

The third day was by far our absolute favorite of the entire trip! We decided to pack three activities in: kayaking on the ocean, snorkeling, and surfing!

Surfboard on a beach

Unfortunately we didn’t see any dolphins while kayaking, but we were able to see sharks, sea turtles and eels while snorkeling! Surprisingly I wasn’t that scared when I saw the shark. He was kind of just swimming around doing his own thing.

I do have to say that the sea turtles were incredible to watch. They’re quite bigger then I’d imagine they’d be! I wish I was able to get a photo, but I was too afraid my phone would get ruined.


By the end of our day, I was peeling, burnt, and exhausted. We decided it would be fun to grill outside at our hotel, so we headed to the local butcher, grabbed some meats and had a picnic. With lots of wine of course.

The next day we had to leave back to Brisbane for Susie’s rehearsal dinner but I’ll never forget how amazing Byron was. I can’t wait to go there again someday.

Be back soon with final trip details! xoxo

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