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boats in a harbor

Weekend Favorites // The end of summer + reflection

End of summer reflection plus Weekend Favorites as of September of 2013: healthy snacks, a book on yoga, style inspiration, and a DIY hair mask

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boats in a harbor

It’s a Friday and I want to ramble about life nonsense. I need to vent a little and sometimes the only way to do that is through writing. So here we go.

This Summer has been busy and you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been as consistent with my blogging. I can’t say that I enjoyed summer to it’s fullest, because I didn’t. In fact, I still have yet to make it to DQ for a Blizzard which is sad because that’s one of my favorite things to do during the Summertime. Dairy Queen reminds me of moments with my Dad and how special our time together was. I’m making it a point to get an M&M blizzard tonight.

I’ve been so obsessed with keeping up with my full time job, blog, and other consulting projects that I haven’t been appreciating things like I should either. I keep pushing myself to my limits. At this point, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Although my blog is my passion, it keeps me up until 1AM most nights as I edit photos and write posts. I spend my weekend developing recipes, too. It’s hard work and dedication.

So why do it?

There are so many reasons! This blog is helping to pay off my student loans (and I have A LOT of student loans). It also pushes me to pursue my passion and THAT is something I absolutely love. When I founded Ambitious Kitchen two years ago, I never imagined that I would make money from it. Nor did I ever think that I’d have readers or Facebook fans; every day I worked on it a little harder and learned along the way. The toughest part about blogging is that sometimes you feel like you have to stand out among others. My best advice to new bloggers? Write about what you love, share your passions, and be true to yourself. That in itself will make it stand out because no one in this world is like you.

Really though! I’m so thankful that you’ve decided to come read Ambitious Kitchen. Even if I can’t keep up with it as much as I’d like to. You’re still here.

I don’t know what will happen in the future with this blog, but I do know that it makes me happy — no matter how many nights I’m up late.

Now last but not least, I have some favorites for you. Summer favorites and links that keep me inspired from other hard-working bloggers. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend! xo

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