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monique modeling an outfit at Stitchfix HQ

Hanging out at the Stitch Fix HQ + photos!

Come see all the fun I’ve had at the Stitch Fix HQ in San Francisco! Plus I share my tips for getting the best fix possible!

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A few weeks ago I got invited to the Stitch Fix HQ in San Francisco for few days of learning the ins and outs of the company, touring the warehouse and a full day of fashion, hair, makeup and photoshoots! Many of you who’ve been AK readers for years, know that I’ve been doing Stitch Fix for about 3 years and even used to do reviews on the blog. So when I got in invite, it was a dream come true!

P.S. If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix you totally should. Just sign up, fill out a style profile and you are on your way. You’ll get 5 pieces in a box that’s delivered straight to your front door. The cost? Just a $20 styling fee. You’re not required to keep any of the pieces that were sent either. Simply place the items in the return bag and mail it back within 3 days. Pretty sweet, right?!

monique on a photoshoot set at Stitchfix HQ

Most of you who follow me either on Snapchat or Instagram know that Stitch Fix treated me like a queen. It’s probably one of the best trips I’ve ever been. They provided us with fun (and free outfits), shoes, snacks and LaCroix in my hotel room every single night.

Not only was the experience and events fun, but I was able to meet influencers from different backgrounds (including fashion) and hear about their experiences with blogging and life in general. It’s always inspiring meeting people who are doing what I’m doing, but in a different avenue. Here are some of the fantastic ladies who were on the trip.

group of women throwing confetti in the air

panel of women at an event

While at the Stitch Fix HQ, we talked to employees from the marketing, design, merchandise and branding team. It was incredibly interesting to hear how Stitch Fix grew so quickly (mostly due to influencers and word of mouth) and also how they’ve structured their company differently than their competitors. Stitch Fix is extremely data driven, meaning they use scientists and analytics to figure out what pieces you might like based on your previous purchases.

Of course, there are still stylists who use their brains and get to know your personal style, but the data helps to inform what a customer might like (and purchase!). Very, very cool!

monique shopping a clothing rack

Also, did you know that Stitch Fix was founded by a woman named Katrina Lake? I mean come on, definition of #GIRLBOSS. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet Katrina since she just had her first baby, but it’s clear that her company isn’t going anywhere but UP! I love seeing women doing amazing things.

We even got to head to one of the warehouses and pack and fold someone’s fix! Who knows I could have packed up your fix. 🙂

monique and a friend at the Stitchfix warehouse

Something that became very evident to me was how much people loved their jobs and how valuable they felt at Stitch Fix. They have employees that used to work at Gap, Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom, etc. It was clear that they left their previous jobs to latch onto something exciting and unique. The team that Stitch Fix has created is clearly one in a million. I adored everyone there, and how they celebrate their unique style and create a fun work environment.

two women styling an outfit

How to get the best fix possible

These are just a few tips that have helped me establish a wonderful relationship with my stylist, who typically gets my style.

1. Create a Pinterest Board that reflects your style: This can be helpful to your stylist in identifying the types of pieces you are looking for in a fix. You can also pin pictures of celebrity or street style that you love. I always tell my stylist that I love GiGi Hadid, Diane Kruger and Blake Lively. I also tend to like more neutral pieces so I avoid crazy colors. These details are important. You can check out my style pinterest board here!

2. Update your fix note: Make sure that you keep your profile up to date and always update your fix note so that your stylist can get an understanding of what you are looking for next.

3. Let them know if you have a special event coming up: Any time I go on vacation or have an event, I ask to have certain pieces sent to me like dresses or heels (yes, they do shoes too!).

4. Check out Stitch Fix’s pinterest board: Pin anything you like that you see. Sometimes they can send you those pieces if you request them!

monique on a photoshoot set

Finally, I wanted to share some photos of the event that we took. I styled a few pieces from Stitch Fix that I hope you love. Perhaps it will give you inspiration for your next fix, so feel free to pin any of these images to your Pinterest board! I plan on doing posts like these more often, because frankly they’re SO MUCH FUN.

LOOK 1: Casual Boho

monique modeling a boho outfit

monique modeling a hat and outfit

Bell sleeves are so in right now! Jeans from Stitch Fix, top from a boutique in Chicago, necklace from Urban Outfitters. I LOVE Stitch Fix jeans and I’m not just saying that. They are really the only jeans I own.

LOOK 2: Edgy Plaid

monique modeling an outfit

monique modeling an outfit

Love this look because it’s an easy way to dress up trendy plaid. Pair with a leather jacket or suede vest, leather heels, black skinny jeans and a cute hat. Add a choker for a little more fun. This choker is from Urban Outfitters. Everything here except for the shoes and choker are from Stitch Fix!

Look 3: Off the shoulder season

monique modeling an off-the-shoulder top

monique modeling an outfit

Sweater and jeans are from Stitch Fix! I love this look because it’s casual, comfortable and fun. I could see myself wearing this on a Sunday meeting up with friends for brunch or watching a football game. Off the shoulder shirts are super fun and the perfect way to wear a choker.

Look 4: Edge it up for work

monique modeling a work outfit

monique modeling a work outfit

monique modeling a work outfit with sunglasses

Why not make work outfits fun and a little edgy? Try pairing a colorful top with a suede pencil skirt black heels and a choker! The skirt is from Stitch Fix, top is from Zara, sunglasses and choker from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I got the shoes from!

Look 5: Military

monique modeling an outfit

monique modeling an outfit

Military is super trendy right now! Try picking up a green button up and pair it with something fun like colorful or distressed jeans! Top is similar to this one. Jeans are from Stitch Fix.

I hope you loved these 5 fun looks I put together. Feel free to pin any of the images for inspiration!

MAJOR LOVE TO STITCH FIX for inviting me out to San Francisco. There are affiliate links above, which help support and run this site! Thank you xo!

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