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monique posing in a white windbreaker

5 Under Armour Looks I’m Loving Right Now

Under Armour Women has some pretty incredible products out right now. Check out this post to see the fitness looks & products we are loving the most!

If you didn’t know, now you do: I’m an Under Armour Women Ambassador and so freaking proud to be one. It’s a company with an incredible, powerful and inspiring mission to help women achieve their goals in and out of the gym. And I have to admit, each and every time I pull up my leggings or throw on a UA tank, I feel a little bit more inspired to perform, achieve and reach my goals.

There’s something about this brand that’s truly special. 

I figured it was about time for me to show off my favorite UA looks: from hiking and running to casual and chic. I’ve worn this gear running, hiking, biking, interval training at my gym, and pretty much everything in between. I’ll never look back and neither will you.

So let’s get to it ladies!

monique stretching in blue leggings

monique running in blue leggings

monique stretching in blue leggings

LOOK 1: The Runner

This look is relaxed and feminine, which I’m always down for. The teal Under Armour leggings are one of my favorite pairs I own. Their sleek, fit like a glove (in a good way) and keep you feeling like a badass. To be completely honest, they’re probably one of my favorite pair of leggings from Under Armour aka you need them in your life.

LEGGINGS: UA Mirror Shine Studio Leggings

HAT: UA Renegade Twist Cap

SHOES: UA Charged Push Training Shoes

SPORTS BRA: UA Opening Night Strappy Sports Bra

TANK: UA Seamless Heathered Tank

monique hiking with a backpack on

hiking boots and a water bottle

LOOK 2: The Hiker

Lately I’ve been completely in love with hiking. I get in a crazy good workout without having to head to the gym. In fact, Tony and I had an incredible hiking trip in Arizona (I’ll post about it soon!) where we spent time finding strenuous trails that made our hearts pump and our throats ache for water. IT WAS FABULOUS. To be honest, I couldn’t have done it without my Under Armour Women hiking boots. I hiked with them both in the snow and in the dusty dry desert, where it was cold in the mornings and evenings. They kept me warm and dry.

BOOTS: UA Speedfit Hike Hiking Boots

LEGGINGS: UA Favorite Leggings

TOP: UA Breathe Muscle Tank

BACKPACK: UA CORDURA® Regiment Backpack

monique posing in a black athletic outfit

monique in a black jacket

tying a black sneaker


If you want to look like a casual badass, throw on some Under Armour sexy low studio shoes in black, leggings and a sleek bomber over a strappy sports bra. You’re basically ready for anything.

SHOES: UA Precision Low Studio Shoes

JACKET: UA Opening Night Bomber

LEGGINGS: UA Favorite Leggings

SPORTS BRA: UA Opening Night Strappy Sports Bra

monique wearing a white athletic outfit jumping in the air

monique wearing a white windbreaker

monique tying her white sneakers

LOOK 4: The Windy City Jogger

I could LIVE in these pants. I’m serious. They are the ultimate casual joggers that you will ever put your legs in. And these SHOES? OMG they are the comfiest on the planet. Seriously and the all white and gray with a pop of bold color is stunning for spring & summer time.

SHOES: UA Threadborne Slingflex Shoes

JOGGERS: UA Favorite Jogger – Slim Leg

JACKET: UA Accelerate Packable Jacket

SPORTS BRA: Armour Eclipse High Bra

monique walking in the city wearing athletic gear

monique wearing athletic gear


rose gold sneakers

LOOK 5: The City Chic Chica

Again, here’s a look I’d wear out for the day of running errands. It’s athletic, yet casual and chic. The perfect city look with a pop of metallic rose gold that really helps make the look. Seriously how freaking amazing are the shoes though?!

TANK: UA Opening Night Graphic Studio Tank

SHOES: UAS Capeside Low Women’s Shoes

LEGGINGS: UA Favorite Leggings

What’s your favorite look?! Tell me below! And ask away with any question you have about the UA gear!

P.S. I have a very exciting event coming up in Chicago soon! STAY TUNED AND LOOK OUT FOR AN EMAIL

This post is in partnership with Under Armour Women. I am a loyal ambassador and truly love their products and brand.

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