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a cat sitting on a pink chair

Weekend Favorites: Our living room is done!

Our living room is finally done! Read about our design adventure plus what’s coming up at AK. Plenty of delicious, fun links!

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Hi guys! I hope you had your morning cup of coffee and the sun is shining wherever you are. I feel summer coming soon. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

It’s still a little too chilly for me to get my bike on in the mornings by the lake unless I really bundle up. Last week I went for a ride and couldn’t feel my hands for 30 minutes after.

a cat sitting on a chair on top of a rug

This week was jam packed with productivity. Abra and I tested four brand new recipes, including one from Lexi’s cookbook (it was TO DIE FOR). And at the #ambitioushome, we had MegMade in the house who was working on a special project which included redoing our living room. It was for a show they are in talks with. We’ll most likely keep some of the look, but a few other things I expect us to change.

Obviously as you can see from above, Milly definitely approves of the gorgeous chairs that Meg reupholstered. AND THE RUG is insane!

Next week I’m teaming up with Wild Garden to deliver FREE meals to the Chicago community. The Wild Garden Truck serves hot, Mediterranean meals made with Wild Garden Foods, snacks and sweets. And it’s powered entirely by Facebook Likes! We’ll be sharing as many meals as we can during the 4-day tour. We’ll have two shifts a day, the lunch shift focusing on populated areas and an evening shift focusing on needy areas such as soup kitchens and shelters. I’ll be doing the lunch shift and I’m SO EXCITED.

After that Abra and I are headed to Minneapolis for a video series with Just Bare Chicken. Make sure to stay up to date via my Instagram Stories to see all the behind the scenes FUN.

Now that we’re done with all that, let’s get onto weekend favorites:

May has me feelin’ all floral everything…including denim baby.

This soup x100 all year round. SERIOUSLY.

Would LOVE to be jamming on this chic speaker.

Helpful tips for when you’re struggling to focus (and what NOT to do, too!).

Appetizer season is in full swing, so must make THESE skewers ASAP.

Gorgeous, vintage-inspired artwork for every room in the house.

CHOCOLATE CAKE for my sweet tooth (and yours). Also greek yogurt frosting = yes.

Popular brunch foods in every state! What’s in yours?

My new favorite go-to facial cleanser that’s great for sensitive skin.

My delicious new recipe is ready for your brunch table.


xoxo have a wonderful weekend! And happy mama’s day to all you moms out there.

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