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A Weekend in Detroit with Tillamook x Kroger

An incredible weekend in Detroit with food bloggers from around the country. Check out everything we did and ate in this amazing city!

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of heading to Detroit for the weekend. Not only is it where my bestie Sarah lives (or used to live!), but also a wonderful city that’s getting revamped with delicious new restaurants, shopping boutiques and entrepreneurship while still keeping its culture in tact. It makes me so happy to see Detroit thriving.

There were 12 food bloggers there who went on behalf of Tillamook and Kroger to try out the new cheeses that are coming to select Kroger stores nationally.

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To be completely honest with you, before this trip I didn’t have the opportunity to try a lot Tillamook products BUT I was incredibly excited to give them a chance! And omg I’m so glad I did. The cheddar was beautifully earthy, robust and SO FLAVORFUL. Cheddar + honey + bread + pistachios = match made in heaven.

cheddar cheese cubes on a cutting board

Upon getting into Detroit, we stayed at the Detroit Foundation Hotel — I really can’t recommend it enough. The bar area is beautiful, the ascetic is a little moody masculine glam and the staff had friendly faces. The rooms were comfy and clean. Also the hotel bar is literally pippin’ every single night, so I highly recommend grabbing a drink there if you find yourself in town.

hotel room with a bed and a couch

people gathered in a lobby

After we dropped off our things at the hotel and did a little cocktail hour, we headed to the beautiful Brooklyn Outdoor event space where we were presented with an insane spread of delicious food. The dinner by Chef Sarah Welch featured Tillamook and Kroger Private selection products. It was absolutely beautiful and so well done. My favorite part of dinner = the sour cream coffee cake with coffee ice cream. YUM.

woman speaking to a crowd

woman plating appetizers

appetizer plate on a table

appetizers and wine on a table with people gathered

holding a plate of salad

shaving parmesan onto salad bowls

pouring wine into a wine glass

white table setting with white chairs

white place setting with a white napkin

Tillamook butter on a table

white dinner menu on a place setting


Saturday morning, we woke up early and did a yoga class with Sitara Bird from Detroit’s Citizen Yoga. It was beautiful and made me realize how much a miss having yoga in my life. I plan on doing it at least 2x per week moving forward.


bowl of yogurt with fruit and peanut butter

After yoga, we headed back over to Brooklyn Outdoor to do a DIY smoothie bar with yummy Kroger toppings including their Simple Truth Granola. I ended up just making a yogurt bowl with approximately 1 million toppings.

two people standing next to a cheese block

After breakfast we learned about the Tillamook products, how they’re made and about the quality, then we even got to sample their cheddar cheese from a 40 POUND block. OMG that thing was huge and the cheese was insanely good.

P.S. did you know that all cheddar cheese is naturally white until they add color to it?! #funfact

two girls sitting on a leather couch

After all the cheese tasting, we ended up doing a goal setting workshop. As bloggers, we all work for ourselves in the ever changing social media & digital landscape and it’s always super interesting and inspiring to learn how we each navigate our businesses. Funny enough, most of us have different passions within food and the aspects of our job that we actually enjoy vs what we don’t. It was lovely to have a sounding board to bounce ideas off of people. Most of the time, I’m in my own head when it comes to ideation and goals. This was a great chance to be around other food bloggers and entrepreneurs and get inspired yet also provide valuable feedback from an outside perspective. Love those ladies.

people sitting at a long table

woman speaking to a circle of people

After our workshop, it was LUNCH and we got to make our own cheese boards with Tillamook cheese and Kroger products, which I was ridiculously obsessed with. Look how pretty it turned out.

two charcuterie boards next to an artichoke, radishes and pears

people taking photos of charcuterie boards

apples on a serving platter

ALSO, you need to try the Tillamook cheddar. It’s so rich and earthy. I’m obsessed. There was also a really good local honey that I kept dipping my crackers in. I kinda figured out that honey + sharp cheeses and crackers are now one of my favorite snacks.

DIY face mask kits on a table

After lunch we popped over to a candle making class at Detroit Rose. I had never made candles before but this was SO MUCH FUN and definitely a highlight. We got to mix our own oils together to create our own candle scents. My candle was a mix between patchouli, lavender, grapefruit and a little hint of vanilla. It’s sooooo good and I’ve already burned through it. I basically want to be a candle maker now.

I purchased a few other goodies from Detroit Rose, including their rosehip seed oil blend and their rose + coconut milk bath powder. They’re both insane and I highly recommend checking them out if you get a moment.

two cocktails on a table

Later that evening we headed to Grey Ghost, which was a 5 course delicious meal featuring Tillamook and Kroger products. Every single thing I tried was absolutely delicious. Especially the kale salad with a strawberry ice cream vinaigrette. Yassss TO ICE CREAM ON MY SALAD.

salad on a plate

four women doing a cheers with cocktails

plate of strawberry and apple salad

milkshake with a swirly straw

women gathered at a long table

overhead shot of a dinner table


Sunday was quick. We did a family style brunch meal together back at Brooklyn Outdoor then I jetted off to the airport to head home to my husband and cat.

This trip was such a blast and I’m so excited to get more Tillamook products in my life. Especially the ice cream. Curious if you’ve ever tried their cheeses and/or products before?!

two women taking a selfie

If you love Detroit as much as I did, feel free to let me know your favorite restaurants + things to do there. I can’t wait to go back!

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