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collage of ak travel guide: napa valley

AK Travels: A Weekend in Napa Valley

A weekend in Napa Valley, California in partnership with Corkcicle and Travel Mindset spent eating, drinking, exploring, hiking and sipping delicious wines. Check out this post for delicious recommendations and things to do on the #CorkcicleWineTrail!

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collage of ak travel guide: napa valley

A few weeks ago, Tony and I flew out to Napa for the most epic weekend with Corkcicle. If you aren’t familiar with Corkcicle yet, then I can’t wait to introduce you to these incredible plastic-free products. Corkcicle makes everything from wine tumblers to canteens to help keep your beverages cold or hot.

corkcicle water bottles on a ledge

They also have a variety of coolers such as totes and backpacks that can go with you anywhere and are super stylish and cute. I just got this adorable seafoam bucket bag and absolutely love it — it’s perfect for packing picnics, taking on a long bike ride or even a hike.

Now it’s time to talk about all the things we drank and ate in Napa! Ready?

tony and monique


We flew into Sacramento and drove to Napa, which is about an hour away; I preferred this because it’s easier than San Francisco to get in and out of.

Once we arrived in Napa, we checked into the Meritage Collection, a large hotel with lovely amenities including coffee shops and even a bowling alley. It was lovely, and the beds were comfy and clean.

For lunch we drove to Ad Hoc, a Thomas Keller restaurant, but, unfortunately, it was closed that afternoon. Such a bummer, but I did want to throw it on here because a lot of people on Instagram mentioned that it’s really delicious!

monique with a teal champaign flute

After that we drove over to Domaine Carneros, a breathtaking French country chateau sitting on a sloping vineyard. If you’re a fan of champagne, then this place is for most definitely for you. We brought our new Corkcicle stemless flutes with us so that our bubbly would stay the same temperature while we relaxed outside on their gorgeous patio. We also got some a delicious cheese plate to pair with our bubbly.

After our tasting, we decided to head straight downtown to Napa Valley to walk around and enjoy the view before sunset. It was gorgeous and so nice for us to have a little weekend getaway. If you’re looking for the perfect place to unwind with your hunny, this is most definitely the place.

For dinner we stopped by La Taberna, a small popular Spanish tavern on Main Streets. We enjoyed everything from spicy potatoes and tomato salad to lamb tartare and even crispy pig ears (not my thing, but Tony just had to try it!).

chicken on a plate


Tony and I woke up early to get some good morning hiking in Napa’s Lake District. Every time I travel I love to be able to get my body moving in some way, and my most favorite travel activity is hiking because you get a good booty burn and sweat in. We brought our Corkcicle canteens with us (to help keep our water nice and cold) and hiked for about an hour and a half before heading back to our hotel to get ready for a delicious afternoon of eating and drinking. There are plenty lovely hikes around Napa — I suggest checking out All Trails to find one near your hotel.

monique hiking

For lunch, we ate at the restaurant at Auberge du Soleil, which was simply incredible! I absolutely LOVED the corn chowder (which inspired my latest corn chowder recipe) and Tony devoured the short rib. Not only was the food delightful, but the view was another stunner. It’s set on a hillside above the Silverado Trail in the middle of an olive grove.

caprese salad in a bowl

steak and veggies on a plate

After lunch, we drove a few minutes to the Plumpjack Winery , which was by far one of my favorites. It was relaxed and in a quiet backyard garden patio setting overlooking the vineyards. What I loved the most though was their beautiful cabernet wines that were bold and flavorful.

monique sitting at a table with wine tumblers

We headed back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading out to dinner at Mustard’s, a very highly recommended restaurant from all of my followers on Instagram. And, of course, your recommendations did not disappoint — this place was EPIC. Tony was OBSESSED with the steak and I noshed on the corn tamales (omg, so good!). Go here!

two hot air balloons

DAY 3:

We started off with a 5:30am wakeup call because we had an epic day planned which included a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley. Tell me that doesn’t sound cool? Well rest assured, it was INCREDIBLE!

At first I was nervous about the balloon and how I’d feel up in the air, but it turned out to be one of the most peaceful experiences I’ve ever had. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say it was so calming I could have taken a nap up there.

hot air balloon at sunrise

We spent about an hour up in the air with Russ our balloon pilot and about 8 other passengers. All I have to say is that I can’t recommend doing this in Napa enough. You won’t regret how beautiful it is!

two tacos on a platter

After our hot air balloon ride, we stopped by the Oxbrow Public Market and enjoy the most delicious breakfast tacos packed with eggs, fresh salsa, avocado, onion, lettuce and beans. YUM. We browsed the market and picked up a few goodies to take back as gifts, then we headed back to our hotel to relax and unwind for a few hours. We were a little pooped after our early morning wake up call.

monique holding a wine tumbler with a mountain in the background

Later that day we had a wine tasting and tour at the Spanish winemaker Artesa Vineyards, which offers both champagne and sparkling wine options. The vineyard offers an incredible modern design, with beautiful open outdoor seating, statues and more. Truly remarkable!

Of course, I had to bring my Corkcicle stemless wine tumblers. It especially came in handy on the tour, where I could sip and walk around and not worry about spilling on myself.

menu on a linen napkin

Later that evening we headed out to the outdoor bar at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch, which just so happens to have live music on Fridays. It’s a great place to have a glass of wine and enjoy the last few hours of sun.

We had a dinner reservation for their epic Chef’s Table and I was so obsessed that I never wanted to leave. I fell in love with this vineyard and highly recommend it to anyone near Napa.

sunflower farm

Before dinner we went on a beautiful tour of their garden, which they use to cook all of the mostly organic meals. After the garden tour, we did a short organic olive oil tasting. I learned a lot of interesting information about the olive oil industry during this tour and how unregulated it is.

What I really respect about Long Meadow Ranch and their organic olive oil (yes, they also make olive oil!) is they are certified by many different agencies to make sure that their olive oil is 100% pure and organic. Fun fact: Their olive oil is made from the oldest olive trees in the Napa Valley region. I’m telling you, it’s LIFE CHANGING. Of course, I had to purchase a bottle.

bread and olive oil on a plate

Besides the luxurious olive oil tasting, we also had a 5-course dinner prepared by their head chef. It was beautiful, creative and so flavorful. I cannot recommend the Chef’s Table at Farmstead Long Meadow Ranch enough.

white building with a green door


We woke up early on our last day and headed to breakfast at Boon Fly Cafe, another highly recommended brunch spot. Unfortunately, they weren’t taking reservations, so I knew we had to get their early to avoid a wait.

red barn building

We quickly got in and ordered two classic American Breakfasts with a side of two mini donuts. How else do you recover after a weekend of wine drinking? 🙂

Then we were off to the airport, which concluded our beautiful weekend getaway in Napa.

eggs and toast on plates


Overall, I can’t say enough good things about our trip to Napa with Corkcicle. It was an incredible short getaway, and I learned so much about the region.

If you happen to be a wine drinker (or if you’re in the market for a really good water bottle), I highly recommend checking out Corkcicle — their products are innovative, plastic-free and reusable! You’ll love them for a lifetime.

cheers-ing two plastic wine flutes

I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever been to Napa? If so, what are some of your favorite restaurants or wineries?

This post is sponsored by Corkcicle and Travel Mindset. All opinions and text are my own. Thanks for supporting AK and the brands that help make this site possible!

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