A new take on baked ziti with this lightened up saucy baked pumpkin pasta with creamy pumpkin puree, ground turkey sausage, red bell pepper, mushrooms, marinara, ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, parsley and your favorite pasta!

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Gluten free Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potato Penne Pasta with the best vegan sweet potato cream sauce that’s made with cashews, roasted sweet potatoes, chipotle chiles and fresh garlic. Nutritious and a great pasta recipe to add veggies to make it your own! This recipe is sponsored by ALDI.

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Easy vegan mac and cheese with the creamiest vegan cheese sauce! This recipe has a hint of spice and will be your new favorite comfort food.

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Bright and flavorful roasted veggie mediterranean pasta with goat cheese is the perfect vegetarian meal! It’s packed with fresh veggies, tossed in a delicious cashew pesto sauce and perfect served warm or cold.

I’m not going to lie, I deeply procrastinated on writing this post, not because I wasn’t excited to talk about this pasta (trust me it’s gooooood) but because I came down with the MOST OUTRAGEOUS cold on the planet. It went from worse to can’t breathe kind of cold and lasted for a straight week.

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A spicy southwest inspired version of tuna mac and cheese with black beans and yellowfin tuna made in partnership with Genova Seafood! Great for weeknight dinners, game day or anytime you have a comfort food craving.

Raise your hand if you loveeeee mac and cheese.

As a kid, my Dad would always make me mac and cheese made with sharp or white cheddar, LOTS and lots of pepper. If I was lucky, he’d would add peas (because I loved them more than any other veggie in the world).

Now that I’m into full on #adulting into my late 20’s, I LOVE when my mac and cheese is packed with anything just a little bit unique: truffle mac and cheese, mac and cheese with a Ritz cracker topping, mac and cheese with brussels, butternut squash mac and cheese, or even a classic broccoli cheddar mac and cheese. Can mac and cheese be its own food group yet?

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7 ingredients is all you need to make this easy creamy Roasted Butternut Squash Pasta with sweet green peas. It can be made both vegan and gluten free — so everyone can enjoy!

Today I head to Israel for a little over a week. I land in Tel Aviv then head to Jerusalem later this week. How crazy is that? Blogging has been such a wonderful and unique career that’s taken me places I’ve never even dreamed I’d see in my lifetime. I’m beyond grateful for your readership throughout the years and how I’m able to connect with many of you beyond just the recipes here.

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I think I have an underlying love hate relationship with pasta. I’ll go week, or sometimes even months (!!!)  without having it, and then for some reason I’ll dream up some good recipe or Tony will request an Italian meal and then we’re off on a pasta eating binge for days.

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