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monique having snacks with her cat

Choosing Healthy Snacks + FREE Graze Box for you!

Check out how I choose healthy snacks + sign up to get a Graze sampler subscription box for FREE! These snacks are perfect on-the-go.

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Last week on Instagram I shared an exercise video and described how I’ve lost 20 pounds since 2014. If you’ve been following Ambitious Kitchen for the past few years, you know that I’ve been on a journey to find a balance between health, fitness, eating healthy and indulging. Finally I’m feeling like I’m in a good place, where no food is off limits and my general attitude towards food feels very positive and balanced. To be honest, it took me quite a while to get to a point where I wasn’t binging, restricting nor denying myself the food I love.

I want to give you more insight into my ENTIRE journey at another time, simply because I know it’s going to be a longggggg post. Today we’re going to be chatting about healthy snacking & how I incorporate it into my life. Snacking is never bad for you if you do it in moderation and are mindful about what you’re fueling up with. I’ve mentioned this before, but I need to have something to munch on every few hours otherwise my blood sugar crashes and become hangry real quick. So, snacks basically are a necessity in this girl’s life.

graze snack box

Flashback to 2014: My snacks consisted of chips and guacamole, or anything sweet. Sometimes I wouldn’t snack at all and be completely starving by the time I got home and find myself DEEP in a bag of pretzels or salty chips. After chowing down and stopping just short of the bottom of the bag, I found myself feeling guilty; I knew that they weren’t contributing to the healthy lifestyle I wanted to be living. A real change was necessary

Flash forward to 2016: I choose to make healthy and nutritious choices daily by making sure they are readily available. My snacks often consist of apple slices with peanut butter, trail mix, avocado toast, a blueberry smoothie and now delicious snacks from Graze! Having healthy portioned snacks available makes eating better so much easier. It keeps me from going overboard (like I did with those chips), but also helps me overall to make better decisions when it comes to food. If I have a snack at 3pm, I won’t be so desperately hungry at dinner.

graze snack box

So let’s talk about Graze! Graze is a snack subscription box full of deliciously portioned healthy and fun snacks. All you have to do is tell them what you like when you sign up, then they hand pick 8 different snacks to send to your home or work. Work snacks are always the key to success, right?!

The best part about all this? Once you sign up for a subscription, you’ll get your first sampler box FREE (basically like a free trial box). After that, with your weekly subscription, you’ll get to choose 8 snacks you want from around 100 options for $11.00 per box delivery.

Considering most granola bars cost at least $2, this is a pretty great deal.

healthy snack packs from graze

My favorite snacks so far have been:

The snickerdoodle dip with cinnamon pretzels. OMG. Also the chocolate cherry protein granola topper is perfect over yogurt or with a little almond milk. Lastly, the dark rocky road is absolute perfection at 3pm when you’re craving something a little sweet.

Total noms and I love how they’re perfectly portioned so that you don’t have to go overboard. Each snack comes with nutrition information and they contain NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors or colors and NO high fructose corn syrup! YASSSS.

monique having snacks with her cat

I’m incredibly excited for you guys to give Graze a try, especially if you’re looking to make healthy snacking choices! Even Milly was curious about what’s in the Graze snack above.

Now without further ado, head on over to Graze and get your bonus box!

Thank you to Graze for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. Thanks for supporting AK and the brands that help make this site possible!

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